Again one more time (Nog maar weer eens) / Poem by Hannie Rouweler

Poem by Hannie Rouweler
Again one more time
the question: What is poetry?
It is much easier to answer the question
what poetry is not.
Poetry is not a pile of opinions
no accumulations of facts
no diary entries
no reports from the newspaper that we can read ourselves
no cut-off lines of prose meant for a book
no sentimental wordings of violent events
being personal, general, light or heavy
at least …
may be expected from the poet
that he creates his own reality
in carefully balanced words and images
at least …
may be expected from the poet
he adds another direction in his words
than the known roads
adds another direction between the words
giving a poem a plural form of meanings,
substances, whereas it sheds a different light.
Nog maar weer eens
de vraag: Wat is poëzie?
Veel makkelijker is de vraag te beantwoorden
wat poëzie niet is.
Poëzie is geen opstapeling van meningen
geen opstapelingen van feiten
geen dagboekfragmenten
geen verslagen uit de krant die we zelf kunnen lezen
geen afgesneden regels proza bedoeld voor een boek
geen sentimentele verwoordingen van heftige gebeurtenissen
persoonlijk, algemeen, licht of zwaar op te vatten
mag verwacht worden van de dichter
dat hij zijn eigen werkelijkheid creëert
in zorgvuldig afgewogen woorden en beelden
mag verwacht worden van de dichter
een andere richting in zijn woorden toe te voegen
dan de bekende wegen
andere richting toevoegen tussen de woorden
die een gedicht meervoudig van betekenissen,
invulling geeft, een ander licht werpt.

Poems by Dr. Gita Mohanty

Poems by Dr. Gita Mohanty
Five Elements
Seeing the vibes and temperament,
I felt, Ocean is wild to the core and adamant,
Repetitive tides and nonstop trials of action,
To touch the ever calm beach, even without its any reaction,
The obstinacy to drag within the arm,
It’s just an inexorable madness, never found him calm,
Seeing its agitation, felt its depth of restlessness and agony,
It doesn’t understand, beyond its strength,
Something also called the destiny.
Holds and hugs you,
Like a loving mother, revolves around you,
Unconditionally gives you, what not you want,
Never she has shown her inability and said I can’t,
Always there for you to interact,
All throughout, even when you behave, unattached,
Loves you so much, and still remains attached.
It’s there
An invisible, pervasive lover,
Like God, you feel but see never,
Touches day and night,
Without letting you know,
Flows, within also,
As if a part of you, or so,
But when you look where it go,
It releases the tugged hair, from behind the ear,
Whispers and says, darling see, I’m here,
Does all the mischiefs, gives a feeling of a sheer,
It’s such an adorable dear,
If any time it left you,
You leave everyone, without any fear,
Being with it, you are flourishing per sure,
When it leaves, makes you miserably tranquil, without any cure,
That’s such a passionately loving, ultimate dear.
In the eyes, it shine,
Vanity says its mine,
In heart it burns
In mind it turns,
In body that’s the end of the show,
In the souls, it only glow.
Reminds, it’s there,
And it do care,
Wherever you are,
All throughout as if wrapping your existence,
Even without any coexistence,
Either you raise your fist
Or you hug and kiss,
You hate or bliss,
But unreachable,
And unavailable,
Still so beautiful.
I Deal My World
In my eyes
In my skies,
In my dream,
In my whim,
In my thoughts too,
Is that you???
At the start,
In my heart,
At the end,
In my brain,
Thoughts of mountain,
Is that you again???
My sadness,
Or madness,
May be happiness,
Either Excitation,
Or Frustration,
Is that you drive my emotion???
By the way who are you?
Known, unknown,
Seen, unseen,
Whoever you are!
Please don’t dare
And you know, I don’t care,
Who you are!
I rule my world,
I deal my hard,
I swallow my tear,
I solace my fear
I keep my happiness key,
I wouldn’t let u drive me…
Something in my mind,
I wouldn’t let you read,
And I can read your mind vivid,
But I wouldn’t say, you what I read,
I wouldn’t let you measure,
The depth of mine,
You are a crystal clear lagoon,
I can see everything fine,
I may not know,
How much adoration you do,
Don’t assume, if at all I’ve fallen for you,
Love is never sweet, that you know too,
Gathered all the moments, now returning to you,
As per your wish, you may just flip through,
You can see my laughter, see my cry,
I can’t give you the reason, never ask me why,
If I pass by as a cold breeze, please don’t ask who,
Hope my signature fragrance you knew,
If anytime, I came in your mind,
With a smile just say a hi, looking at the sky,
Please forgive me, if I left you, without a good bye.
I Keep ‘Ego’, but not Egoistic
I keep my ego when I talk about feminity,
That’s becomes the self-confidence and majesty
I keep my ego when I talk about capability,
That’s becomes womanhood, ruling over any difficulty,
I keep my ego when I talk about creating life
That becomes motherhood, gives me ‘fever pitch’ vibe,
I keep my ego when I talk about my nation,
That’s becomes the pride and aspiration,
I keep my ego when I talk about my origin and tradition,
That’s becomes my culture, and that’s in my fashion,
I keep my ego when I talk about religion,
That’s becomes humanity, without division,
I keep my ego when I talk about creator,
I simply see my mother, a pure nectar,
I keep my ego when I talk about Him, the Supreme,
That’s the endless, begin- less, and formless divine,
I keep my ego beside, when I talk with you,
As I know I am also a part of that too,
About me, ego has nothing to do,
I’m just simply an unknown, very common, ‘who’, without any clue.
Life is Just Flowing by
I’m a free flowing unstoppable river
Got my twists and turns by nature,
Dance only at my own tune per sure,
Embraced, ornate and pure,
With my fragrance signature,
Absolutely obstinately I’m persevere,
Just spontaneous and with an overwhelming gesture,
I jump around stone to stone,
Here and there between known and unknown,
No one is mine and I too don’t belong,
I just tap and pass each milestone,
At times zephyr comes, to get along,
I never invite anyone, it gets back its own, alone,
I keep on flowing touching the lives,
Shower my love, hugging the vibes,
I have my own grievance and bad,
Some personal tears, poles extended, much of sad,
I dissolve them all, in the fall,
Sometimes they choke me,
If I try to engulf them, at all,
Let that be absolutely mine,
I’m committed, still I would shine,
Sometimes, I like to tickle,
Just love to hear some giggle,
Known unknown beautiful smiles,
While passing my life, miles after miles,
At times I wish, you dip your feet,
Closing your eyes, feel the beat, a bit,
I can cry for you,
You just laugh with me,
I do hear, what you don’t say,
Do you hear me too, the same way?
Don’t have much time,
I’m already flowing,
Take my good bye, here I go,
My moments, wouldn’t let you forgo,
Always welcoming, but any time,
You try to stop me, you would see,
I would make you flow with me,
If you are stagnant in nature,
Then never come near, my dear,
Flowing through the highs and lows of the time,
In my metaphysical body and absolute mind,
Even beyond my celestial soul,
Now I’m not even under my destiny’s control.