Kalendari poetik: Afanasij Afanasjeviç Fet-Shenshin (1822-1892) / Përgatiti materialin Maksim Rakipaj

Afanasij Afanasjeviç Fet-Shenshin (Portreti i poetit, punuar nga piktori i madh rus Ilija Rjepin)   Kalendari poetik: Afanasij Afanasjeviç Fet-Shenshin (1822-1892) Afanasij Fet (Афанасий Афанасьевич Фет Шенши́н) u lind më 23 nëntor 1822 dhe ishte poet, përkthyes dhe shkrimtar rus, … Continue reading

Poems by Lilian Woo

Poems by Lilian Woo   ENCHANTING COLOURS OF THE NIGHT Heavenly shades of night is falling It’s twilight time, stars are glittering  Silvery moon is gleaming and glowing Colours of the night is enchanting Gazing in amazement across the horizon … Continue reading


MBIZO CHIRASHA ( Zimbabwe)   MBIZO CHIRASHA Creative, Artistic, Activism and Literary Arts Projects: For Human development-HIV/AIDS Interventions, Social Change, Activism through Arts Projects, Artistic Collaborations, and Fellowships. TARGETED STAKEHOLDERS:  Culture Centres, Arts Organisations, Writers Schools, Non-Governmental Organisations, Government Institutions, Youth … Continue reading