MBIZO CHIRASHA Creative, Artistic, Activism and Literary Arts Projects: For Human development-HIV/AIDS Interventions, Social Change, Activism through Arts Projects, Artistic Collaborations, and Fellowships.

TARGETED STAKEHOLDERS:  Culture Centres, Arts Organisations, Writers Schools, Non-Governmental Organisations, Government Institutions, Youth Institutes, Creative Societies, Cultural and Funding Organisations.

INTRODUCTORY MESSAGE  :  I am  a  major  contributor  and  stakeholder  in the  arts ,creative ,literary, human rights , freedom of  expression ,literacy  , advocacy through arts  and  cultural scene in my country  Zimbabwe ,African  continent  and the  globe . I  found  it  necessary and  even more  beneficial to  introduce  myself  ,  to make  known my previous  creative   arts  projects ,my most  recent   creative  activism  interventions   so  that  I can be included  in  and by reputable global  artistic , creative and cultural  databases  ,    to  be invited  to participate   in    important   creative  and cultural  spaces to  further   my career and  share  my  vast creative experiences  . I can participate  in  any  artistic ,creative  activism  for  peace ,and literary  arts program  through writing of stories, blog  articles  ,opinions poetry and essays. I also  facilitates   and implements  cultural and creative  projects , organize  and curate   book fairs, arts events ,reading nights ,performances events and skills  development sessions. I am looking  forward  to  collaborate  and   benefit  from    mobility funds  , fellowships , scholarship ,publicity  and  writer/artistic   in residence programs opportunities   and also  share my creative  knowledge experience as well as  learn from other artistic   and creative  communities. I  look forward  to  participate  immensely  in the  development  of  creative  arts  strategies  for  book fairs ,  arts festivals  ,  fellowship projects  , Writers in libraries   and Writers  in  Schools  Projects  . I can honestly contribute practically through Arts Activism concepts. Creativism , Creative resistance  or  arts  activism  is  today’s global developmental  landscape   to foster  social/ political change  and  advocate  for  human rights  ,equal opportunities  and freedom  of expression  through  creative , artistic and  literary  interventions .




(NewZimbabwe.com/mbizochirasha ( was  founded  in June   2017  to voice  against  political instabilities , dictatorial tendencies , abuse  of  human rights  and stifling  of freedom of  expression  through  the  use  of  poetry  , flash fiction  and  short story. The  Mugabe –led  regime   destroyed  Zimbabwe  through  corruption  , embezzlement  funds  , political violence   and thus subjecting  the  innocent  citizens  in abject poverty , yoke  of  misery  and   violence , hence  the    formation  of the  Zimbabwe We  Want  Poetry Campaign  to add  mojo  to many  other  powerful voices of  change  and  political  transformation  in Zimbabwe , Africa  and  then  the International community. So  far  the Campaign  is  working  with more than 1000  members  from around  the  world  who are  the Brave  and Solidarity Voices of the Campaign  from Zimbabwe  into Africa  to Pakistan , India  up  to the  United States of America.

  1. CURATORSHIP  OF  THE  ZIMBABWE WE  WANT POETRY CAMPAIGN – the  Zimbabwe  We  Want  Poetry  Campaign  is  hosted  by  Mbizo  Chirasha  who  is its  Founder and  originator  of Facebook (facebook.com/100thousandpoetsforpeace-zimbabwe  )  under the name  100 Thousand Poets  for  Peace- Zimbabwe . Poets  and Writers  join  the  Facebook  at first ,they then post  their  poems  and stories  according  to  the  thematic areas . The poems  are then  compiled into journals  that  will  be  then published  in   blog sites  ,literary  arts  journals  and  International Magazines. The 100ThousandPoetsforpeace- Zimbabwe  on Facebook is  also  a  platform for  writers news , mentorship, sharing , discussion  , networking  and writing .
  1. CREATIVE RESISTANCE ACTIVITIES OF THE CAMPAIGN: a) Brave  Voices  Poetry Journal(http://tuckmagazine.com/tag/mbizo-chirasha/) , it  is  the  soul  and  the  rhythm of  the  Zimbabwe We  Want Poetry  Campaign .The Journal  is  a  published  in partnership  with the  Tuck Magazine ( the  International Magazine  of  politics , human rights  and Arts  in Canada)  , we  have  so far  published  more 50 brave voices  journals  with more  1500 poems  contributed by more  than 300 poets and story tellers from around   Zimbabwe and  around the globe .The  Brave  Voices Poetry  Journal  and  the  Zimbabwe We  Want Poetry Campaign  has  become  the hub of freedom of expression and  the  nerve centre of  creative  resistance  through literary arts  and verse.  Since  August 2017   we have touched  on  several issues  that  resonates  with African crisis –  political violence , dictatorship , gender violence , sexual  and reproductive  rights , human rights abuse , poverty , corruption ,hunger  and election rigging .
  1. c) ONLINE WRITERS MENTORSHIP PROGRAM- The Zimbabwe  We  Want  Poetry  Campaign  has  since  started  a powerful skills  and knowledge development  program to enhance knowledge sharing  ,networking  and  writing skills  among  established , middle  career  and  budding writers. It is  a collaborative  effort of   the  Zimbabwe We Want Poetry Campaign  and  a creative luminary Tracy Robinson ( Tracy Yvonne Breazile )  from Georgia United States of America, Ms  Robinson   is  a curriculum developer ,literary arts curator ,critic ,poet and a  teacher . She produces the content of the mentorship course and the leaders of the Campaign Project curate , distribute  and moderate it .  A   list of poets and writers from across Africa are benefiting from this Intensive and flexible writers course. More than 100 young writers are benefiting from this intervention and Poets are experiencing positive change.
  2. d) The Poetry Collection/ Anthologies – the Zimbabwe  We WANT  Poetry Campaign   has  developed a  e-book publishing concept  to  archive  and  publish  the brave  voices  and  solidarity  voices into  book collection that  can be  read  by  politicians  , students  , women and the  youth across the  We also  want  to  promote  poetry and literature of  resistance  across  the globe  and  to  foster the  visibility  of young writers , arts  activists and  poets to the world. The  important  message  of the  poets and writers  has  to be  respected , disseminated  and  promoted  for  the  best  the present  and future  generations. The book collections are derived from the Brave Voices Poetry Journals we publish in sets monthly. The following are book collections projects published and in progress,
  1. i) INSIDE DISGRACELAND ( Vol One-(“INSIDE DISGRACELAND’ – a poetry collection of a myriad of voices who are championing political , social and economic change through word spears mainly in Zimbabwe and the brave voices traverse further into African countries and all around. Zimbabwe, a beautiful country, blessed with mineral wealth, endowed with natural resources and mystic wonders; today it is a country ravaged by poverty whose general populace scavenge for decent meals and lives in foreign countries. The poverty and moral decadence perpetuated by Mugabe’s despotic and his ZANU PF fat cats have shrunk the once fertile dreams of this and coming generations. The dream of a peace-loving Zimbabwe will take time to shape up. We need a renewal and a rebirth. Zimbabwe like any other country is mired by poor leadership and harsh economic arthritis bred by the syphilitic autocratic tendencies by the regime that has since looted everything from trees to diamonds except for only road names and cemeteries. Our pen is sharper than the sword. This testifies our for the quest for freedom , peace , respect of human and citizen rights, end of dictatorship and the rot of corruption in Zimbabwe , Africa and beyond(.c) 2018 , (the Zimbabwe We Want Poetry Campaign E-Poetry Collection Series Volume 1 , Edited by Mbizo Chirasha), acaciabookstore.com/home/24-inside-disgrace-land
  2. ii) When the Baobab Falls , the Earth Sneezes : Tribute to Morgan Tsvangirai -poetry  collection is  eulogy  to the  painful  demise  of  the paragon  of  political  change  in Zimbabwe . Save  goes  down the memory lane  of each  and  every  Zimbabwean as an  icon  of democracy  who tamed  the   tyrannically  beast  that  lived  in Mugabe . He is leading pioneer of the multi-party politics in Zimbabwe. During  his  tenure  as  the  prime minister  of the  2009 government  of national unity  ,the  Zimbabwe  economic  made a meteoric  rise . He  is  remembered  through this  collection  bravery ,political resilience , fight  for  democracy  and  social  change . This collection is celebration of his entire life and his legacy of democracy and political change. The collection resonates with his passion of the respect of human rights and freedom of expression.

iii) When The Poets  Speak Open Your Eardrums( Zimbabwe  We  Want Poetry  Campaign  Vol2  is very vital in the  creative  and  resistance  processes  of  the Campaign  because  it  marks  and  celebrates  with  the  Zimbabwean masses  the  fall  of  the  despotic   and dynastic  Mugabe  led  regime. The collection is in the compiling and   is due for   the publication in 2018.

  1. iv) Africa Poetry Collection (52 COUNTRIES, 250 POETS, 750 POEMS) –  The Zimbabwe We Want  Poetry  campaign   is collaborating  with publishing  houses  in America and East  Europe  for  the  publication  of the  inaugural  all Africa ( 52 countries )  poetry  collection . The  book  project  will be  published  by  an American publisher  and it  is coordinated  by  Mbizo  Chirasha  and  Fanhedrin B. Shehu . It  touches  on the  successes and  crisis  of Africa and  its  people since  the  turn of  the  century .
  2. e) Word Guerrillas Cafe – this a mobile poetry reading and Literary Arts forum intervention. The   mobile  poetry CAFÉ complements  the   Creative Activism  activities  by  taking poetry  from the page  to  the  stage  to further communicate  freedom of expression , human rights , gender rights , artistic  rights  and  political change  through the  use  of  spoken word  and  performance  poetry . The  WORD GUERRILLAS  CAFÉ  will be  also  organizing  a series of the  Zimbabwe  We   Want  Poetry Campaign page  poetry readings  in Southern Africa  ( Zimbabwe , Zambia , Malawi , Botswana, South Africa , Tanzania , Mozambique, Namibia). Performances will include griots, resistance poetry, poetry slams, poetry book launches   and poetry symposiums.
  1. CREATIVE LEADERSHIP AND  ARTISTIC  TRAINING PROGRAM  by  MBIZO  CHIRASHA: the  Project  seeks  to capacitate  and  grow  the  creative  knowledge  of  young  people  , arts  leaders  ,artists ,mid-career  and   activism  communities ( pictures) and  brochures,


  1. VULNERABLE COMMUNITY WRITING SKILLS  PROGRAM-  This  a   writing skills  and  talent  development  intervention  meant  to  promote  literacy  culture and  literary  development  in vulnerable  communities    in Zimbabwe , Africa  and  globe . The  project  started  in eThekwini  Municipality , Durban  under  the  Area Based  Management Unit  of  the City. The  writing  and talent  development  skills  program result  into  publication  of book collections  , formation  of writers  clubs and  reading clubs :
  1. a) Ink Community Writing Skills Development Intervention- the inaugural writing skills development training took place in Durban South Africa. Old  women , young people  and  students  participated  in the 3  month  writers courses  curated  and facilitated  by  Mbizo  Chirasha , managed  by Valhalla  Arts  and  ABM Unit  of the EThekwini  Municipality  in Durban .  30 participants  wrote   stories  of their  lives   during  training  and their  book  collection is to  be  published  by the Municipality  during  the  HERITAGE MONTH , September  in  South Africa , the  whole  idea  of the  program  is to  complement  the  awarding  of the   Durban as  a UNESCO  City  of  Literature  status  through  the  Creative  Cities  Network  and also  that  African communities  communicate  their  voices  through the literary culture . Africans  must  start reading ,learning and  writing  their  own stories  to further develop  the reading , knowledge acquiring  skills  and freedom of expression.
  1. b) Livingstone (ZAMBIA) – Writing our tourism, the story of our land, writing for our birth right.
  2. c) Cape town , South Africa –  Writing  for  Burn  Survivors  in collaboration  effort  between the  Zimbabwe We  Want  Poetry Campaign and Campio Burns  led  by  Beulah Klevindt    for  September  2018
  3. d) Malawi – In March 2019 ,  Mbizo  Chirasha  will run writing  and  reading skills   training  for  rural communities  of Nkhotankota  in Malawi
  4. e) Zimbabwe – In  May 2019 ,Mbizo  Chirasha  will be curating  a WORD GUERILLAS Café  Poetry Reading and Symposia( Writing for  Social  and Economic Change – resistance writing ).
  1. f) Cameroon – Writing for the Girl Child (Developing literary and creative skills for the girl child in Cameroon).
  1. g) Uganda  (Remembering Taban Liyolong – the godfather of African poetry (Word Guerrillas Café Event) Poetry Reading and Talk Session.


GIRLCHILDCREATIVITY PROJECT 2010 to present (link) – Girl child creativity is a project designed to
mitigate under-representation and unbalanced
participation of young female writers/poets
in areas of creative writing, literature, literacy and poetry performance development. It further enhances the ability of the girl child to develop herself mentally – the motto is: freedom of mental media air waves for
community development. A creative nation is a developed nation. so far we have done motivational writer/poetry workshops with children homes , Centre’s and schools in Harare , we have done as well opinion sharing seminars with young girls , by the theme motivating creativity in girls , this have seen young girls sharing their minds experiences and other.

GIRLCHILD VOICES FIESTA (in collaboration with 100 Thousand Poets for Change- global)

News article by Kundai Marunya, Harare 24 News


Girl right advocate organization Girl Child Creativity (GCC) last night closed its week-long mentor ship program with their Voices Fiesta at the First Floor Gallery. More than 30 people, including school children, educators, artists and art lovers, attended the event.

Students from Vainona High, Budiriro 3 Primary and Vista Vision College showcased their talents along the theme of promoting the rights of girl children.

Students from Vista Vision College staged a mini theatre play, outlining how issues that affect women are often handled by men who do not understand them.

Their performance, which was filled with humor, managed to bring the audience’s attention to things that are often overlooked.

Budiriro primary school students brought to the table what they had learnt from legendary writer Aaron Chiunduramoyo. Their presentation of poetry and short stories in both English and Shona caused celebrated writer and journalist Tinashe Muchuri to break out in applause from the audience.

Muchuri said: “These children have showcased great talent especially the young girl who read to us a Shona short story. She was so good in using similes, imagery and metaphors that I will rest assured our language is in good hands.”

From Vainona High came students who recited poetry that tackled the decline in education standards at their own school, largely due to an unappreciated staff and naughty students.

The students, who had earlier in the week received mentoring from popular poet and human rights activist Robson ‘Shoez’ Lambada and celebrated photographer Kresiah Mkwazhi, really got the audience excited.

Vainona High student Rutendo Masunda, who was among the performers, said: “We had a great time during the mentorship program. We learnt a lot, including how to express ourselves using different mediums of art.”

Founded in 2011, GCC is aimed at mitigating the under-representation of young female artists and young girls in areas of creativity, creative writing, performance arts, readership and literacy cultural development.

GCC director Mbizo Chirasha said: “We have not made our programming as big as we would have wanted due to limited resources but we hope to grow as we continue to work with the girl child.”

Links, links, links links


  1. YOUNG WRITERS CARAVAN : The Young  Writers   Caravan  in 2004  after my  brief  visit  to Sweden as a  Young  Literary /  book fair  delegate  courtesy  of the  Zimbabwe  International Book Fair  and  SIDA in Harare . I gave  talks , recited  and performed  my  poetry  at  various spaces  that  included the  Nordic African Institute , Rinkeby  library , the  Goteborg International Book African Sida Pavilion,  the  Swedish  International Libraries Association , Swedish  Writers  UNION in  2003 . I  met  a  lot   of  young creatives who  inspired me to  become  proactive  and  start  a  rural  schools  literary and  literacy  culture intervention  that we named  YOUNG WRITERS CARAVAN . I  Worked  with young people  in high schools to grow  and  create  reading  and writers  clubs  in schools  to fight  juvenile delinquency , drug addiction , complacency and  ignorance  through  writing and arts training interventions.
  2. WOMEN OF RESILIENCE PROJECT(link) – girls ,  young  women and women  has been left  behind in  the  rush of social  media .  Women coverage usually is based on negativity and disrespect. Usually media pontify women as sex tools, child making machines and domestic chores technicians. The creative   energy and leadership   attributes of women are usually underrated and unrecognised. They  are a  lot  of women around  the  world  who are  doing   great  projects  and  who are mesmerizing  social  , economic  , humanitarian   and creative  game changers. Women who  have  since  defied  all obstacles to  reap their  dreams    and inspire  other generations  of the  women communities. I decided  to honour  these  women  in  politics , social change , economic  development , media , arts , innovation  ,religious , activism and  humanitarianism through  the personalities of  inspiration  blog journal  where I  profile  and feature  women of  resilience  and mothers of hope.
  3. MIOMBOPUBLISHING PROJECT (link) – It is difficult for young writers, poets and starters to get publishing platforms. The Miombo Publishing  is  a  project  that  seeks  to expose  the  rot  in African  political , economic    and  social  governance  through  verse  and  prose ( Literature , book and poetry ) . The  miombo Journal  has  so far  featured , profiled  and  diarised  more 100  aspiring  and  established  writers/artists/poets  from across the  The blog- site also helped in the visibility of the   Poets Free Zimbabwe.
  1. a) iterary Arts  Projects Curator- Mbizo  Chirasha  has  vast  experience for  organisation  and  curatorship   of  poetry festivals , reading  clubs  , writers  clubs, writers in residences , writers and creative  training courses. Chirasha is good on hosting and moderating    Literary, Artistic and Arts Interventions on social media platforms. Mbizo Chirasha coordinates, compiles, and edits book projects for publishing.
  1. Interventionist- Mbizo Chirasha uses arts , creativity  and literature( poetry and  stories)  projects  to communicate  societal issues  that  affect  our various activities . He  uses  creative  arts  as  catalytic  interventions  to educate ,  inform  and shape  communities . He create, designs and facilitates   creative arts activism projects that messages HIV/AIDS issues, poverty alleviation, political change, human and gender rights, social change, literacy and literary culture development.
  1. c) Writer- in- Residence – Mbizo  Chirasha  is  a blog writer , motivational  writer , page- poet   and  stories  writer . His  capabilities   and  creative  wisdom  can  be  used  in  developing  literary arts  culture and writing/reading   in libraries , youth  organisations , cultural institutions , universities  , arts  centres  ,political centres and NGO sector.
  1. Media -Relations/Publicity  Attaché  – Mbizo  Chirasha  works  as a  visibility  strategist  for  individuals ,   private companies , diplomatic , educational ,political , social , creative  and  writers organisations. He  uses  both  his  wit  and  strategy  to  popularize  brands , names  and  ideas  through social media , international journals , reviews , websites  and  newspapers .
  1. Performance Poet / Spoken Word Artist –  Mbizo Chirasha  has  greatly  performed  his  poetry   for  diplomatic , cultural , creative , political  and  humanitarian  activities  across the  world  since the  year  1999 , countries  include  Sweden , Egypt , Ghana , Tanzania , Malawi , Namibia , Zambia , Mozambique , Lesotho  , Swaziland , Germany , South Africa , United States of America and  He  can  perform his poetry  in training sessions , conferences , workshops ,lecture rooms , diplomatic  functions  and business forums .
  1. Arts Activism Catalyst- Mbizo  Chirasha  is  the Originator  and  Moderator   of the  Zimbabwe We  Want  poetry Campaign – a creative  resistance  and  protest poetry project  to foster  the  upholding  of  human rights ,promote  freedom of  expression , artistic  freedom  , gender rights   and  political  change firstly  in Zimbabwe  and then Africa  through  poetry , essays and  short story. The  Campaign  project  is  curated  and  moderated   on Facebook / 100 Thousand Poets  for  PEACE- ZIMBABWE  and  writings ( poetry /stories) are  published  on Tuck Magazine ( International Magazine on politics, human rights and arts)  and  Miombo Publishing Journal.
  1. Published  Writer   and Page Poet – Mbizo CHIRASHA is an internationally anthologized writer and poet. His  poetry  , writings , profiles , blogs  , features and  political essays are extensively  published  in  more  than 500 literary reviews , poetry journals , writers sites,  academic journals ,  presses  and  anthologies /collections in Zimbabwe , Africa  and abroad . Mbizo  has  co-edited   International book ,poetry  and  literary  projects  including Germany , Ghana , India  and  Nigeria . Chirasha is  the  Originator  and  Editor  of the  Zimbabwe We  Want  Poetry Campaign  E-Book  Collection  Series . He coordinated, compiled  and  edited  INSIDE DISGRACE-LAND – a   creative  resistance poetry collection that  voices  against  the  abuse of human rights , corruption , dictatorship , economic and  political  instability in Zimbabwe . He has a number of print and e -poetry collection   published in his name.
  1. BIO – Data OF MBIZO CHIRASHA  is Recipient of PEN Deutschland Exiled Writer Grant (2017)  , an internationally  anthologized poet , literary  arts  project  curator , creative  humanist , arts  activism catalyst , blogs publisher   and a  Writer  in Residence . He  is the  Solidarity member  of GAPA( Global Arts  and Political Alliance),the African Partner of the  International Human Rights  Arts Festival, the  Resident Coordinator  of  100 Thousand Poets  for  Change- Global, the Founder of  Girl Child Creativity Project( 2010 to present) , founder/Creative Director of  the Young Writers Caravan( 2003-2007),  Facilitator/Curator of the Creative Leadership and Artistic Training Project for Africa( 2018- 2023)  . African Contributor to the Table of Words Dermer Press International Poetry anthology. Solidarity Member of Global Alliance for Politics and Arts. African Participant to the 2014-2020 World Poetry Almanac Anthologies series in Mongolia. Co-Editor of German Africa Bilingual Collection with German International Translator Andreas Weiland in 2016 (http://www.street-voice.de/SV7/SVissue7.html).

He  is the Word Press Publisher  of thePersonalitiesofinspiration(www.personalitiesofinspiration.wordpress.com)  and  Miombo Publishing (www.miombopublishing.wordpress.com ).Chirasha is  the  Editor  of the  Brave  Voices  Poetry  journal (Journal for political poetry and creative resistance), he  is the  Originator  of the  Zimbabwe We  Want  Poetry Campaign. He writes for the Tuck Magazine- (the International magazine on Arts Human Rights and Politics.).Mbizo Chirasha is the editor of the E-Poetry  Anthology  on Zimbabwean political instability “INSIDE DISGRACELAND”.He  Co-edited , edited   , compiled, contributed  and written several  books , collections and  anthologies  across  theglobewww.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mbizo_Chirashame.facebook.com/mbizochirasha, me.google.com/mbizochirasha,


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