The Filipino Women / Poem by Eden S Trinidad


Poem by Eden S Trinidad


The Filipino Women

Abroad, she is just but a domestic helper
But look at her now, even for just a second
Back in her hometown, she’s a fashion icon.
What is wrong with those flamers and commenters?
Would you rather that she remains wearing a maid’s uniform?
As she strolls, do window- shops at the malls?
Wearing shiny leather boots while scrubbing the floor?
Royalty while she washes the dishes and laundry?

So what if Cinderella is just a servant abroad
But transforms into a fashion model back home?
True, she is not just a sophisticated fashion model
And an elegant, smart beauty queen
For indeed, she is our beloved country’s beloved modern heroin
Leaving her dear ones to work in a foreign land
Sacrificing a lot to give her family a better living.

Filipinos often brings home honor and beauty crowns
We do have endless supply of beautiful Filipinas
And our pound-for-pound boxer is a plus.
Remarkable, wonderful, the best overseas Filipino workers ever!
I’m a proud, true – blue Filipino.
And for my God and country, “no bitter pill to swallow”.

Copyright: Eden S Trinidad
February 2019


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