Poems by Sher Chandley 

Poems by Sher Chandley 


Bridge Home ….part 1

We all have to cross Bridges
I am stepping morbid
Over my rickety bridge 
With rotten planks
Crossing a muddy brook
That flows sluggishly with melancholy
To a dark , dismal and solitary place
Begirt with dingy trees ,
Ugly shrubs and thorn bushes
The sun doesn’t shine here
It’s cold and dark
And when the wind blows
Everything moans
In accents of pity
All I do is make snow sculptures
That eventually melt into nothing
I don’t like it
But it’s my place
Yet ever and anon
From the corner of my eye
I catch a wisp
Of a faint gleam
Trying to dispel the dark .


Please , Oh please !

Sometimes I scatter
The golden dust of nostalgia
And my memories water 
Fields of verdant fields
Of soft emerald grass
And scented rose bushes
In the loveliest of gardens
So variegated with flowers
Glittering in the fairest colours
Colourful butterflies
Waving on blossoms
Trees shooting to the sky
Birds in gayest plumage
Singing sweet songs
I see children frolicking
Feeding birds and gathering blooms
Eating the sweetest tasting fruit
As the azure fades into paleness
In the red clouds of twilight
Gold takes fire
Amidst flaming purples
And then I plead ,

Please oh please !
Do not promote me
In service to humanity
Each rank up
Not a step to freedom
But bondage and slavery
Such strict service
To curb the strength
Of my personality
And forbid my wilfulness
I know I am grown, but,

Please , oh please !
Leave some tiny part of me
As the child I used to be.

@Sher Chandley 

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