THE NEW INDIAN WOMAN / Poem by Sangeeta Sharma

Poem by Sangeeta Sharma



Woman in the 21st century
Is not the old meek one
She is single and is a mother
A decision-maker
Preserves eggs of her tender age
Prefers surrogacy
Is beauty-conscious
Not hesitant to go
For augmentation surgeries
Drinks vodka and wine
Smokes ciggies
Wears shorts and skirts
Or a swim-wear
She drives an SUV
Races a horse
Is articulate
Ruled no more by emotions
Has mind that guides
The new woman is truly androgynous
Not dependent on a ‘male’ anymore!

Copyright Sangeeta Sharma

M.A., Ph.D.
Head, Department of English
Director, Centre for Foreign Languages
Birla College of Arts, Science and Commerce

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