Building New Age Ecosystem – 7 ( Cosmic Wisdom Organism – 3) / Poem by Bhagirath Choudhary

Poem by Bhagirath Choudhary


Building New Age Ecosystem – 7

Cosmic Wisdom Organism – 3

Nature is Cosmic celebration
Born of Universal collaboration
By a pinch of Cosmic Empathy
All results in a Cosmic harmony

Absolute neutrality is a dead letter
A little salt of Earth Empathy
Makes it dynamically better
Like alkaline water is a living letter

A pinch of salt very least
Acts like a starter Yeast
A pinch of Cosmic Goodwill
Creates a God Particle Field
Which serves as our God’s Will

Our Cosmic homestead
The earth is tilted instead
Like “Tower of Pisa” is built
With a minute right tilt

With this 27.5 degree tilt
Earth builds
Her Gardan of Eden on stilt
Like on Myanmar’s Inle Lake
Farmers build their farms
Upon the floating grass rack

With Cosmic dynamic liaisons
Earth creates her seasons
For helping every flower enjoy
Her or his existential visions

With intention of Universal welfare
For every earthling’s fun and fare
Earth keeps aligned firmly
On her own axis so very sincerely

Earth’s rich and the Idealists
From their Ivory Towers
Without deep heartfelt Empathy
Talk in soft sounds of sympathy

But without a heartfelt Empathy
They are like Humpty Dumpty
Sitting on the wall
And what good they do at all

Law of Cosmic Correspondence
Posits with due humble reverence
Every diverting willful action
Must be reconciled
With equal and opposite reaction

For every earthling’s salvation
Earth tilts and takes a diversion
From her rightful vertical Manna
Like a Mahayana Bodhisattva
Mother earth delays her Nirvana

Doesn’t matter who we are ?
And where we are ?
An Emperor or a Pauper
A corporate honcho
Or an animal herder Gaucho

Without humility and gratitude
Without an empathetic attitude
We are truly parasites and thieves
By our vanity Mother Earth grieves

Let’s trust our inherent divinity
And give ourselves a bit of sanity
Let the deep ecology of Empathy
Replace the idealistic sympathy

©Bhagirath Choudhary
All rights reserved
March 10, 2019

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