Poem by Munir Mezyed

Poem by Munir Mezyed   *** A beautiful charming woman looking like the ode Hides her breast in the river of nostalgia Dreaming a watery dream Her imagination carried by the rain droplets Flies over the unseen   اِمْرَأَةٌ حَسْنَاءُ … Continue reading

“THE MAN IN THE BLACK SUIT” (Payback) / Poem by Stella L. Luna

Poem by Stella L. Luna



When he comes through your door
As an Uninvited Guest ,
Your left ashen pale and sour
As he comes to end his quest .
He seeks you in your trousers
And crumpled hair and glasses
And mismatched soiled socks
That reek of smell that mocks .

He collects and demands payment
For your debts and arrears
He takes the principal and interest
And charges attorney’s fees .
He is the man in the black suit
And black hat , black suitcase
He has all your papers intact
It’s payback time, that’s the case .

Then he takes you by the hand
As you tread to Neverland
You’ll feel caught up in a dream
This whole thing looks so surreal.
For that was your destiny
It stops and ends your LEGACY
You look at those years lived
With not much dreams fulfilled.

For Death has taken its toll
Your body is a cold corpse
And will leave a vile stench
As soon as it leaves the host .
Your soul will leave its nest
And will take a sleep and rest
Or tread to the other place we know
Where there is so much sorrow .

You felt abandoned, forsaken
But nonetheless, there’s no pain
When everything is taken
Your fleeing will be in vain .
So prepare yourself beforehand
Don’t let him catch you off guard
Before the guest comes to town
You’re prepped ready and armed.

For there’s no real abandon
From Him who keeps you his own
You’ll get back to your Creator
And find yourself its real home .

Copyright ©️2015 by S.L.Luna
All rights reserved.


Payback time . Are you ready when the man in the black suit comes ? What legacy will you leave behind ? 

Inspiration from Willy Loman ( Lee J. Cobb) in the Broadway drama “Death of a/Salesman ” in 1949. Photo from Hudson Archive/ Getty Image

Slipping Away / Poem by Deepti Gupta

Poem by Deepti Gupta

Slipping Away

Why does happiness slip away
Why does joy elude me
Probably my heart is full of sin
It is full of passions
full of obsessions
It is stuffed with fears
It is full of futile desires
full of greed and jealousy
When there is
No free place, no space at all
how can happiness come & settle
in my heart, how can joy come
and embrace my heart !
I am the only reason of their slipping away
When the inner space is full of garbage
how can nice things come in
and occupy the inner me
I have to get my heart rid of all the filth
to make place for happiness
to welcome joy & peace
to store the tranquillity
Then, I hope they won’t slip away
When my innerself would store an ocean of
happiness, joy, peace and tranquillity !!

My poetic gift to my dear Agron Shele on the occasion of our grand cultural festival ‘Deepawali’….

Агрон Шеле : Остались там мои мечты” / Перевод Татьяны Теребиновой

Агрон Шеле 

Остались там мои мечты” 

Остались там мои мечты,
где белый айсберг сияет в океане,
где мысль летит за видимый предел,
и приглашают в путь другие небеса.

Остались там мои мечты,
где аромат ночной и блещут звёзды в небе,
где буйство чувств мне сотрясает душу,
и магия пронизывает тело.

Остались там мои мечты,
где зорь неяркое сияние печалит,
и осень робкая желает воскресать,
и …с каплями дождя сверкает грусть.

Остались там мои мечты,
когда на радуге-дуге цвета играют,
и белый день летит, надежду возрождая,
и отболели мятежные пути.

Остались там мои мечты.
И чувства горькие пришли к покою,
ушла печаль, как дым, и светят небеса;
чиста и трепетна теперь моя душа.


Перевод Татьяны Теребиновой

If He Could Follow (Roundel Poem) / Poem by Leonard Dabydeen


Leonard Dabydeen, Guyanese-Canadian poet and member of The Society of Classical Poets (USA); Life Member of MetVerse Muse (India); member of Muse India Journal; member of Muse-Pie Press (Shot Glass Journal and Fib Review), contributor to Gandhi Way Newsletter (UK), https://english.pratilipi.com/leonard-dabydeen/, SETU bilingual literary journal (USA); OUR POETRY ARCHIVE, A monthly web journal; Galaktika Poetike “ATUNIS” blog; blog: https://ldabydeen.wordpress.com/ .
Free-lance writer and book reviewer; author of Watching You, A Collection of Tetractys Poems (2012), and Searching For You, A Collection of Tetractys and Fibonacci Poems (2015).
If He Could Follow
(Roundel Poem)
If he could follow light in the tunnel,
Where darkness holds the key to his freedom,
Would he not so gather his courage spell,
If he could follow?
Or would he sit, be grumpy like a bum,
Not making any effort, no spinel,
Only fostering lame excuse with rum.
Freedom has its price, darkness must he quell,
And like Athena, be ready to drum
This fire of courage to whip Jezebel,
If he could follow.

ELEGY ON THE SEASHORE (शोकगीत समुद्र तट पर) – Corin  BIANU (Romania) / Translation Gabriela Căluțiu Sonnenberg

Painting by Oscar Bento
How often flooded the tidal wave the beach?
Asking me about you.
In its eyes shone the glittering
and that persistent elegance
so peculiar to you.
Immediately I was sure,
that you were siblings.
regularly happen,
and keep coming back.
But you never return.
Corin  BIANU, Romania
Translation Gabriela Căluțiu Sonnenberg
शोकगीत समुद्र तट पर
ज्वार की लहर कितनी बार समुद्र तट पर बहती है?
आपसे मेरे बारे में पूछ रहा हूं।
इसकी आंखों में चमक आ गई
और वह लगातार शान में
तो अजीब बात है।
तुरंत मुझे यकीन था,
कि तुम भाई बहन थे
नियमित रूप से होता है,
और वापस आते रहो।
लेकिन तुम कभी नहीं लौटते।
कोरिन बियानू, रोमानिया
ज्योतिर्मय ठाकुर द्वारा हिंदी में अनुवाद