Sentence of Your Skin / Poem by Serkan Engin

Poem by Serkan Engin


Sentence of Your Skin

Burning ceaselessly my heart goes into your orbit
Letter by letter I am reading the sentence of your skin
And I am swimming freestyle in the wide open seas of your skin

Your feminine scent lingers in my heart
And your sweat remains in the memory of my mouth
Your breasts are a pair of doves taking wing towards my face

A rainy bud is blooming for me in the South of your body
I am a black train passing through that rose as I approach the spring
And that spring is your sun sweat smeared on my life

My skin is mute to everyone except you
A rose revolution erupts at the places of my body you kiss

As I rush I ask the universe:
How can I peg the possesive suffix to ‘Love’ again?


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