The Canvas by Muhammad Azram / A Literary Review by Hela Tekali

The Canvas by Muhammad Azram

“Canvas” is a haven wherein the poet Muhammed Azram divulges his tormented / disrupted states of mind that were kept ensnared for a long time, and now like an avalanche of emotions overflowing in the shape of a rainfall, an unleashed meteor, come in such a density that can no longer be kept within the province of his ” psyche” , but be poured effusively into ” paper-songs” , rehearsing the hymns of ” eternal life”.
Now, these unsaid lyrics which are the by product of enruptured emotions, unleashed and unjailed psyche of paramount Muses of gratification profused upon the paper to say it all with an
“Eye of a Beholder” , the ” poet” addressing his ” faithful” addressee, the ” reader” ” to prosper Eternal Bliss”.

“By painting those words on eternal canvas of life
Sometimes I recall those words on paper with ink
I call them songs of life and you call them poems.” p.76

When reading through the lyrical ballads of Muhammad Azram metaphorical , philosophical, and to a certain extent mystical in their renderings , and glorification and adoration of the divine one can’t help but alludes to William Blake’s natural world which is in a state of constant cycle.Symbolically the metaphor used by Azram in his poem ” Ultimate Bliss I ” page 5

” When time meets space
And space holds life in her palms.”
Are remeniscent of Blake’s famous verses
: ” To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wildflower
To hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour.”

Holding something immeasurably in a space that is almost immeasurably small.
” Space holding life”
Infinity or space is a ” stretch of time ” holding life in (her) palms.
In other words , Azram or william blake before him transcendently strives to allow us to connect to God above the notions of time and space whether relative or absolute, and enable us to connect with the mystery and stunning wonder that transcend all confines of time and cannot be withheld within the province of the mind.It , thus, divulges this unity with the divine.

Muhammad Azram

” Who I Am?” is again a rhetorical question delving into the absolute mystery of the self .Azram’s poem emphasizes the notion of existence as a man , a ” wandering creature” vacillating between ” I am absolute and relative at the same time” transmitting thus a clear revolutionary philosophical insight to the concept of ” Modern Physics” and Einstein’s theory of special relativity.

” We dance round in a ring and suppose,
But the Secret sits in the middle and knows.”

‘Time is an illusion ‘ is reminiscent of Frostian’s thoughts despite the fact that we are overwhelmed by the notion of time as a destroyer or as a healer, here we are spending our life in a circle while contemplating it.Time here in Azram’s lines is like the “Secret” who is God.Only God knows the truth behind all which exists.” WE” are driven by the illusion of time or the Secret that stands for God we try to imagine its meaning.” Time” itself cannot stand beyond the unknown but always stands as an ” illusion” in front of the ” unknown” , the Secret that knows beyond the ” misconception” as Azram claims.
” We are thus enfolded in a misconception.”
Azram aptly puts that no man or woman enters the truth of the world because all ” conceptions” are but the outcome of how we define the world in which we inhabit according to our own interpretations / perceptions of it.

What is striking about Azram’s poetry is that it does not stop at the philosophical, metaphorical, or scientific arena but also tackles the spirit of the Ghazal’ s poetry in abundance , and its aptitude to address the Beloved with such a fervor and an intensity of renderings and sufi flavor reminiscent of Rumi’s longing , yearning “to be completed” with the Beloved. p57.58

” Rumination I”
” Come on my Beloved
My split half
Without you
I am yearning
For completeness
Come on my Beloved
And complete me
By my entireness
On the very top
Of my completing moment.”

Azram, a Pakestinian poet who has been acclaimed as an international poet who has indeed succeeded in combining a poetry of glorification and scientifc renderings which stands as an amalgam of philosophical, metaphorical, spiritual , and mystical adorations .His ghazal like poems and sufi cravings for His Beloved are as intense and highly conveying as his scientific queries into the absolute notions of time and space.Nonetheless, “Canvas” or the ” Songs of Life” away from being read just as ” poems” but
a constant rendering of the poet’s yearning where the reader has no other choice but fall under the spell of this ” Eternal Bliss”.


Jenayah Hela Tekali
On ” Canvas”
Critical analysis

Copyright 09/11/19


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