Begoyim Kholbekova (Uzbekistan)

  Begoyim Kholbekova (Uzbekistan)   Begoyim Kholbekova was born on April 7, 1962 in Andijan region of Uzbekistan.She graduated from Andijan State University of Foreign Languages.At University she studied English and Persian languages.Present time She works at Tashkent State World … Continue reading

Şükran Aydın (Turkey)

  Şükran Aydın (Turkey) “living is raw experience; writings are its distillation” Naming the poems she has written since 1986 as “my inner talks/what’s inside me” and regarding poetry as “what really matters” as she filters life, Şükran Aydın presented … Continue reading

Milica Milosavljević (Serbia)

  Milica Milosavljević (Serbia)   Milica Milosavljević (Čačak, 1991). Her poems were published in the magazine for po-ethical research and action – (sic!), Književni Magazin, Beogradski Književni Časopis, Sent, Libela, Ars, the literary journal Čovjek-Časopis, and on literary and cultural … Continue reading

“Underground Apple” by Borche Panov is available on / Hannie Rouweler- Demer Press

  “Underground Apple” by Borche Panov is available on   English poetry book by BORCHE PANOV   Borche Panov was born on September 27, 1961 in Radovish, The Republic of North Macedonia. He graduated from the ”Sts. … Continue reading