Begoyim Kholbekova (Uzbekistan)

Begoyim Kholbekova (Uzbekistan)
Begoyim Kholbekova was born on April 7, 1962 in Andijan region of Uzbekistan.She graduated from Andijan State University of Foreign Languages.At University she studied English and Persian languages.Present time She works at Tashkent State World Languages University.She is the member of the Union of Writers of Uzbekistan.She is the author of the following collections of poetry: “Diydor Shirin” (Sweet Image); “Muhabbat Muhri” (Seal of Love) and etc.
Begoyim Kholbekova has skillfully translated many works of world poetry. She translated Songs and Ballads of famous Scottish poet Robert Burns, wonderful poetry of James Joyce from English into Uzbek with great skill.Begoyim carries out translations from national classic and modern Uzbek poetry too.She translated 100 amazing ghazals of the great Uzbek poet Mir Alisher Navoiy from Uzbek into English.Famous poets of Uzbekistan Zulfiya and Erkin Vohidov’s works were also translated into English by Begoyim Kholbekova.She’s awarded with the Republican creative elections: ” The Greatest-The Dearest”, ” Live for Motherland! “. In 2020 Begoyim Kholbekova was awarded with the State Award “Do’stlik Ordeni” (Friendship award) by the government of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Lives in the city of Tashkent.
These’re the roads that are long
So far away from homeland.
I look like a child young,
Who lost his mother and dad.
My nights are sorrowful,
I look forward to a good dawn.
I feel, you’re paradise to me.
O, my lovely Uzbekistan!
Live with love and be beloved,
God loves those who love.
Do not follow ignorance,
Love keeps world with its power.
Wealth of soul glorifies you,
Be sincere, be kind.
Adam’s and Eve’s love,
Inherited for mankind.

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