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Quarantine poem: I experimented in quarantine (with my head) / Poem by Katarina Sarić

Poem by Katarina Sarić
Quarantine poem
I experimented in quarantine
(with my head)
I dig out my frontal lobes and carefully went down the brain cells
You know, like when you learn to ski
Constantly stepping on the flags made for slalom practice
I haven’t learnt anything after all these years
(I will again run and fall on my head tearing the flags)
And break my neck before my first conscious self-isolation:
Maiden room with Iron Maiden poster
Leather bracelets and a bunch of silver rings, lined by their size,
Rings with skeleton heads,
Packs of matches that partners from the Third World Countries brought
To my father.
“On Heroes and Thombs” on the nightstand marked with a bookmark neatly
On that place where Alexandra burns in flame
Everything else is “creative chaos”
In that room I boycotted father’s decision
Not to go to the school excursion
(to avoid becoming a slut)
My father bit me with Spanish broom sticks
This must be that matrix which hides the
Solution for later gatherings
In which I boycotted everything else
I defend myself with silence
(until the avalanche starts)
I became a slut anyway
And in every lover, I was looking for my father
Waiting for them to ground me (so that I can break the rules)
And they could spank my ass when I don’t behave.