Poems by Rahim Karim

Poems by Rahim Karim
Cocks crowed all over the city;
Probably, they again saw the Angles who descended from heaven.
As they say about it in the Great “Koran”.
Only roosters are honored to proclaim this.
Indeed, they carry some kind of truth in their early cries.
Waking us up from the night’s sleep.
What do they want to convey to us,
Are they natural clocks?
But chickens are deprived of such a right,
This right is given only to roosters.
Why shout to them at an early hour to the whole district,
Or should they thereby wake up the dawn?
Oh, how many secrets, secrets not revealed in this world,
The roosters are crowing at the top of their voices throughout the city.
What philosophy is hidden in that phenomenon
Or are they just nature’s opera singers?
People of the world, don’t bring the world to the point of absurdity,
Until brutal self-destruction.
After all, we do not come from monkeys, as scientists said,
And intelligent beings created by God.
Yes, however, what is the fault of the monkeys,
They are also creatures created by the Great Creator.
Sometimes, they seem to me smarter than us,
Because they are not at war with each other.
I don’t know what got into the person
Why is he so belligerent?
Does everyone want only him to live?
Didn’t others live next to him?
He wants to kill his neighbor all,
The neighbor seeks to kill him.
What a crazy nature we have
Monkeys have the right to laugh at us?
none of my relatives
did not prefer me.
But I do not hide my grudge against them,
for they are worth each other.

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