THE RESTORER / Poem by Stella L. Luna


In a moment of solitude
The horizon rests
Amidst the mountain tops,
And the hovering gray skies
An impending vicissitude.

What seems to be tranquility
What seems to be predictability,
Lies a looming alteration
Warning a change of circumstance
And season.
Seeking for answers,
Unmasking the mysteries of the
Universe, I saw my pitiful mess,
A soul crying out for redemption
Save me from my wretchedness.

The rain cascades through rooftops
From the heavens it pours,
A rambling response to every raindrop
Revealing His Kingship in control
Of man’s course.
Soon the truth shall be revealed
Commanding nature in all His glory,
No more answers concealed
Screaming at your face,
Is the ugly truth to man’s story.

To those who chose Death over Life
I give you Tribulation
And the mighty squall,
One like never before
Nor there shall ever be.
That you may die in your sins
And perish in your foolishness
And the lack of knowledge of me.
For the time is at hand
For Mankind’s big mess,
And those who wallow in blindness. .
But my Faithful Bride
Who endures to the end
Shall be exalted;
The Spirit and the Bride say “Come”.
Let him who heareth say “Come”.
They shall see Him face to face
No longer a dim view from a mirror,
But a crystal clear exactness
Of the Blessed Hope He promised.

And the secrets once a mystery,
Now lay bare in our sight
A revelation of His glory,
Unbound by space and time
His Fiery eyes in all majesty.

And the cold rains have now
Ceased to fall on my face,
Wondering if it has finally
Poured its last drop,
Or just an intermittent stop.
“I have Refreshed the Earth,
I have Restored your soul.”
Now Go and refresh the human race
My Grace extends to all.
In my Kingdom is a River oF Life
Restoring order to chaos and strife.
Where men shall never grieve again
Eternally Refreshed
And Restored to my image,
And there shall I Reign.


©️S.L.Luna 15Sept2019
All rights reserved.

“And no creature is hidden from his sight, but all are naked and exposed to the eyes of him to whom we must give account”. (Hebrews 4:13 ESV)

All Glory To God!
I am also the Watchman on the Wall
Vigilant End Times Warrior

Photo from Dawn Gebicke Facebook ETH Online Community Page. For educational purposes only.

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Mother – the main theme of Azerbaijan literature / By: Mesme Aliyulla qizi Ismayilova

Mother – the main theme of Azerbaijan literature

Motherland and Mother have been the same of peak   together, and they are always united as sacred beings. Mother was rated as a sacred being by the examples of written and oral literature in our epoch   from the beginning. Mother gives us life from her blood and body. And we must convey all this not only with biological abilities, but also with our ideas, knowledge and, of course, with literature   thoughts. The image of mother has always been and will be the main character of our literature. As the motherland is indispensable, so the mother is   also indispensable. When we get older,   and had our own children, again we still need our mother’s breath. And in this need literature helps us, to feel always mother’s breath and soul.
There are many poets, writers, scholars who wrote and explained the soul of the mother. One of them is a poetess, a scientist – Professor Mahira Nagikizi.
Mahira Nagigizi Huseynova (1960) is a Doctor of Philology, Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Philology of Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University in Baki – the capital of Azerbaijan. She was awarded the title “Best Teacher of the Year” in 2003,   medal “Excellence in Education” of  the  Azerbaijan Republic , laureate of the ” Golden Pen “, and “Scientist of the Year” in 2018 years.She is author of 3 textbooks, 8 monographs , more than  200 scientific articles , 20  books and many Ashiq’ songs.Her poems have many themes . And one of them is Mother. This is one of her poems about Mother. And she explained herself and her Mother’s image in this poem.

Expressing love is difficult
I loved, I loved it like embers of fire.
Taking as a cure for pain,
Loved – like ice in a hot summer.
Poetess explained her love like as embers of fire, which is symbol of life, like as ice – which gives solace from illness.
When grief joined to stream, and brought,
Which sad man could say so?
What to do, this was my fate
I loved   the winter –   as summer of my fate
Here poetess explained all difficult minutes – like majestic moments of nature.
Who was fought with the fate, show me.
Was gain enough or not, show me.
Which fate was the fate of love, show me.
I loved that fate of love – like the flirt.
Poetess said that, at all events the mother she took mothers feelings like the flirt.
Grown up, brought your fruit to you.
You are root, we sprouted your branch.
Your face – which I saw every time,
I loved – like   as an open eyes.
The poetess tried to say that – aging does not matter – in anyway – mother – our seeing eyes.

Every child is a gift – what does he will give, I don’t know
Fit in heaven or earth, I don’t know
Said Mahira her word, I don’t know
I loved you – as a grateful daughter.

Here – poetess tried explained the greatness of a daughter – which is the soul for a mother. And she reached on her own intention. At the end I must write that poetess Mahira Nagikizi wrote this poems for all mothers .including her Mother Nazli .
Mother is Life of people is invincible as its history and tradition.  And this invincibility is the legacy. We must take attention to the optimism of future, and always enjoying with our tradition. Let   always our mother’s breath, smile and advice be in our home and soul.

By: Mesme Aliyulla qizi Ismayilova