Poems by Munir Mezyed

Poems by Munir Mezyed



Be My Muse
I will shake the universe tree
And make all the stars fall at your feet.



I am besieged by the mystery of your charm
Thus Mystic Odes bloom in my soul for you
Turning me into a magical garden


Mural of Love & Inspiration

In my revelation
The harp of the goddess of lyrics
Persists in playing
Thus I sing:
In the beginning was my beloved
And the spirit of God was moving
Upon the face of water..
My beloved is a godly mermaid of almond and olive
With legendary colors
She descended from heavens into my water

I bathe her in the brine of my tears
Subtle in her long braids
Floating in my spirit and singing to me,
She intermingles her essence with my burning desires,
Lights the candle of my verse with nectar and passion…

Oh, my beloved, how far I am from you
But I am nearer to death!
I am withered like old clouds
Grievous like a violet rose plunged in the snow
And life is but an old, ill man
Thus, I am still waiting…!

I thirst to touch a face that shines brilliantly on the odes
Life here bears the image of death
The eyelashes of the room enclose me
As a lamp in the ark wherein fire warms not the sepulcher
Thus, I am still waiting…!

Am I truly alive..?
Or, is there a life in death?
My wait dances with me, my fears flatter me
And I am still waiting…

I stroll…
I stroll with my ennui, with a spirit enshrouded in mist,
Whilst a sea is rising straight up to the shores of my soul,
And the water soaking the stones of the bleed….

In your voice is the murmur of fabled water
Whispering to the sands and stones,
What will come forth, and that will go into a dream,
An eminent dream that will live in concert
And leave with autumn winds.

You appear in the sky saying, Bless this pain,
The pain indwelling in the depths,
Glittering apparently in the spirit
Like a frozen pond in winter.

It echoes like sighs coming from a distant flute
Filling the air with melodies…

Melodies which are chanted by gods
Who cry and moan with the sad tune.
They pray, and call,
“O Allah, who is he who makes souls cry..?”

You have come!
You made out of me a lover
In time where I forgot
That love is like a rain
When pouring on a dead land, It revives it

O my soul’s desire
Save me!
I have detested the ruins of my soul
And in the muddy lake
I am drowning…

Baptize me!
Your tears are so warm
They can redeem my sins

Love me!
And that would be enough…!

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