Мария Мираглия ( Италия)

Мария Мираглия ( Италия) https://stihi.ru/2019/07/25/6139?fbclid=IwAR1sa7jpBfbifTMCDMCsfcHdyjGDruB7G_FXGqHx9rlKcUqx92lTrWh2ENw Мария Мираглия – писательница, публицистка, поэтесса и переводчица. Закончила факультет иностранных языков и литератур, получила степень магистра, а также высшее образование в Тринити-колледже, Эдинбург, и посещала Школу английского языка Пикадилли в Лондоне. Долгое время являлась … Continue reading

Poems by Tulsi Shrestha

Poems by Tulsi Shrestha



I like to gaze
Inside your eyes
To search where
My love really dwells.

I like to be
Next to you
To inhale your
Sweet scented breath .

Let my heart
Spell your name
Along with the melody
Of its rhythmical beats.

The cause of my
Own creation, is you
Believe me ! I live here
That is because of you .

I imprison your beauty
Inside my eyelids
To carry it
Until I die.

I observe you in dream
And too in day beams
I project you to be there
Wherever I go.

You are shadow
Of my own body
Only one reflection
Of two bodies.

You are sweet voice
Of my words
Two sounds unite
For one echo.

I love you the way
No one has loved
Before, yet
As I love.



My wounded heart, still beats for your love
Tears from my eyes , still flow for your view
These are my griefs , not just simple dews
Have you ever noticed, pain of aching heart ?

I’m still alive with wounded, bleeding heart.
I’m blind to see the mask above your face
You enforced me to lie above grave street.
How can I trust the land beneath my feets .

You inflicted on me as a hunter of death
I’m a wounded bird with broken wings
My own beloved, waiting me to die .
To tear my red flesh ,for her own joy
My heart beats, its last beat for your love.



How could be
the love at first sight
possible without
knowing each other .
I regard this concept
as a myth
like fairy tale
until I met you.
I am enforced
to believe it
When arrow of your eyes
penetrated my heart.
My eyes captivated
unfathomable your beauty .
The first glance of yours
accelerated my heart
with its beats.
Your yearning soul
embodied inside my heart
through my
thirsty eyes.
Your elegant beauty
intoxicated my
mind and heart.
Without understanding you
my heart starts to spell
melody of your
Love song
I had loved you
Since the day I saw you.

Miao-Yi Tu (Taiwan)

Miao-Yi Tu (Taiwan) Miao-Yi Tu 凃妙沂 is a poet, writer, and artist. Currently she is the congregant of “Taiwan Literature International Communication Group”. She was a literature page editor of several newspapers for 8 years. She obtained her BT degree … Continue reading

जीवनसँगको प्रेम (In Love with Life) – Monalisa Dash Dwibedy / Translated into Nepalese by Keshab Sigdel

Poem by Monalisa Dash Dwibedy जीवनसँगको प्रेम त्यो के छ जसले जीवनसँग प्रेम गराउँछ? सूर्योदय वा सूर्यास्त बादल वा वर्षा आनन्द वा पीडा आशा अथवा निराशा रुवाई वा गर्जन? त्यो के छ जसले जीवनसँग प्रेम गराउँछ? काव्यिक सपनाका छायाँहरु व … Continue reading