Poems by Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy

Poems by Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy


Legend to Legacy is Immortality!

Let not defeats and failures make your heart heavy;
Let not successes and winnings make you head-weight;
Experiences of both make one mature and wise ever;
That way one can overcome and control both well sure!

Indeed failures are the steeping stones to success;
Initial successes are not enough but the final one
As that is the one that decides the worth of one..;
Failures help to improve a lot to perfection sure!

Practice only makes one perfect to achieve sure win
In any field of art or science or what not, all sure;
Knowing this, one can surely get the poise and patience
To bear both failures and successes to meet great end!

Great end for one is appreciation to the level of legend
That is one’s legacy to the world that makes one immortal!


Be Constructive, But Never Be /Destructive to Achieve Noble Dream!

Without education, knowledge, intellectual thoughts and love for all,
One cannot become a complete and great human to feel and form a good
Human society that lives on humour, joy and peace with all as one
Human family promoting love and friendship all over the world ever!

Knowledge and love only make one have freedom to understand all and
A true and reliable conviction that helps one visualize life, world,
Nature and Universal Spirit to know what natural duty one has to do
So as to have suitable ambition to achieve one’s best dream in world!

By fear animals are controlled, but only by love, humans can be united

And ruled, if great world good has to be achieved to promote love and

Peace for all to live a free, good and friendly life as in one world

Family to promote, prosper and progress to higher level to be perfect!

Achieving such a constructive dream is the purpose of all humans here
But not destructive works on culture, civilization, noble achievements
Of the past for posterity to follow and live in peace promoting human
Self to super human level to achieve divinity for total liberation…!


The Living Dead Souls!

Inhuman animals in the form of humans live the terrorists
Fighting in wars and dying as nonentities no one remembers;
There are nations that feed them to create troubles and havoc
Obeying to army’s command sans any sense of shame in the world!

World is turned into jungle arena, where as was in Rome, gladiators
Were forced to participate in fighting competition to win or die;
Such kind of life terrorists are made to live fighting forever
Only to die sooner or later without any honour or respect sure!

Adventure, bravery, courage and will to defeat enemies to win
In wars is the work of a warrior, but not to kill innocent people
With bombs like cowards without any motivation and high purpose
In life to live and leave one’s mark to be appreciated here ever!

Such ruthless, heartless, adamant and heinous fellows are born as
Waste, burden and worthless souls to live as living dead forever!

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