Dr. Deepti Gupta – Academic Record (India)

Dr. Deepti Gupta Academic Record

Former  Professor  & Educational Advisor , Ministry of H.R.D., New Delhi, India

Served    at  the  Hindi Deptt,  of   three  top Indian universities – 1) Ruhilkhand University, Bareilly,  2) Jamia Millia Islamia,  New  Delhi,  3)  Pune   University,  Pune. ( Oxford  of   India).

Deputed   as  an  Educational  Adviser  by  the  President of  India in  the  Dept.  of  Education, Ministry   of  Human  Resource & Develpoment, New  Delhi   for  a    period  of  3 years (1989 – 1992)

Published Books

Writings  till  date —  Sixteen  books   of  Poetry, Fiction, Memoirs, Reviews, Urdu poems  etc  have been published  till now.

Poetry ,  Stories, &  Articles  on  socially   relevant  topics   in  Hindi   &  English  got  published   in   prestigious  Literary  magazines  in India, London,   Muritius .


Two   stories  since 2008   got  the  honour  to  be  the  part  of  syllabus  of  literature  at  Pune   university.

Two   poems  have  been  included (in  2008) in the  CBSC  &  ICSC   syllabus  of   Modern   school which  has  its  various  branches  at  Sharjah,  Abu dhabi, Dubai,  Milan  and   in  the  14   states  of India 

Memoir  on   reputed   senior   writer (Late) Sri Amritlal  Nagar  received  much attention  globally,   had been  published  by  Amazon library   for American  students.  

English – Hindi poems and   stories  got  published  in  online  e-magazine Fanstory.com (American  site).  Some  of   the  English  writings    have  been  rewarded  as  “All Time Best”  &   “Recognised”  by   American  &  European  critics  and regular  readers

A  number  of  Talks ,  Dicussions  &  Interviews  on  impt.  issues,  got   relayed  by   A.I.R. Delhi   and  Pune .


She has received fourteen prestigious govt. awards & the literary awards from autonomous literary organizations from New Delhi, Kolkatta, U.P. Maharashtra, Rajasthan M.P. and Karnataka on her poetry & fiction books as well as her contribution to the Hindi literature and Hindi language through her teaching   profession  and  creative writing.

Translation Work

Have  been  in  the  field  of  translation  also   for  the  last  16  years and  rendered   services in  the  following   govt  and  pvt  offices  and

organisations  :

1) Ministry  of Human  Resource, New  Delhi.. 2)  Directorate  of  Education, Govt  of  India , New  Delhi.  3)  Translation  Bureau, Govt  of  India, New Delhi. 4)  Delhi  University.  5) Jamia Millia  Islamia, New Delhi., 6)  Agra University.         7) Ruhilkhand  University, Bareilly.  8)  Pune  University. 9) CASP, Pune  . 10) MIT, Pune., 11) Multiversity , Software  Company,  Pune,  12)  U.N.I.C.E.F.,    13)   Knowledge   Corporation, Pune,    14)   MacgrowHills, New Delhi.

Amateur Artist ( Oil, Water colour and Digital Paintings )

Email : drdeepti25@yahoo.co.in



There is an ocean of fear, insecurity and loneliness , rolling inside me……..!!
But, I keep a smooth surface ;
a calm & cool facade !
You feel , all is unruffled with me…….!! You see only my composed and organized upper surface ; that I create to conceal my fears, my insecurity, my helplessness………!!
The roots of my uprootedness are in my vulnerable existence…, I am alone & vulnerable ,
That’s why, uprootedness got soaked so deep in me,
beneath my sunny smile
anguish & pain settled & piled !

That agony and pain often got
released through my pen ;
I always remained alert, not to
let it reflect in my eyes
and on my face;
So often, I laughed frantically
often I talked frenzically,
You took my uneasiness, easy !
You never tried to penetrate
through my complacent surface
At times a healthy body
conceals dangerous ailments
chronic diseases ……………. !
They are detected, only when
they become malignant
and their traces start floating
apparently on the body ;
But, it would not happen in
my case, ’cause the more
intense the pain and agony
the more sweeter & softer
the smile, and more heartie
the laughter………………….!
So, nobody can detect the
real me, unless genuine efforts
are put to search the inner
surface , hidden deep in me!
Then a volcano of suppressed
anguish and pain will burst up,
a storm will break through!
That will be a real disaster!
So, it is wise not to touch
such disastrous things;
Let them stay in their solitudes
Let them remain cool….!!!

That will be a real disaster!
So, it is wise not to touch

Let them stay in their solitudes
Let them remain cool….!!!

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