Poems by Alby Raymond Parackal

Poems by Alby Raymond Parackal   PROMULGATE… MIGHTY CONCEPTS…. Power corrupts, Powerful succumbs in codes and scripts; Parley accepts, Privy proceeds upon assumption receipts! Proud preempts, Proudly supporting animations of percepts; Privation adapts, Privilege in affordable living as if excepts! … Continue reading

Boredom to passion / Poem by Pushmaotee Subrun

Poem by Pushmaotee Subrun
Boredom to passion
Boredom leads to books,
Brilliant ideas soon unfurled,
Passion it became.
Waiting in Vain
Waited for love’s bloom
Pined, wept, fretted, despaired,
Frost set in cruelly.
Miles to go
Miles and miles to go,
Less time, health, inspiration,
But, endurance reigns.
©Pushmaotee Subrun

Memory Ecologies: A Review of Amit Shankar Saha’s Fugitive Words / Review by: Sutanuka Ghosh Roy

Memory Ecologies: A Review of Amit Shankar Saha’s Fugitive Words  Title:  Fugitive Words Author:  Amit Shankar Saha Page: 101, paperback Price: ₹300.00 ISBN: 978-93-87883-69-7 Edition: (June 2019) Published by Hawakal Publishers, Kolkata-India      Fugitive Words is the second collection of poems (first being Balconies of … Continue reading