Poems by Alby Raymond Parackal

Poems by Alby Raymond Parackal



Power corrupts,
Powerful succumbs in codes and scripts;
Parley accepts,
Privy proceeds upon assumption receipts!

Proud preempts,
Proudly supporting animations of percepts;
Privation adapts,
Privilege in affordable living as if excepts!

Probs encrypts,
Probity too undergone changes in incepts;
Probably erupts,
Probative rotation of time wheels tempts!

Primal co-opts,
Prime source of power as if superscripts;
Pleasure opts,
Pleasurable actions of life only concepts!

Plea prompts,
Pleading humane nature of Lord in crypts;
Pretty excerpts,
Promulgate in heath with mighty concepts!

©®Alby Raymond Parackal
All rights reserved, 07/09/2019.



You my love, lovely dream of heart,
You remain unfailingly as sherbert;
You may know what would desert,
Yearning spells mind would accept!

Your absence be a pathos presort,
Your distance beyond words intort;
Your access good old tames a lot,
Yanking pains of emotional contort!

You in wilderness,as a solid bogart,
You don’t indulge any solitude curt;
You seek to find tracing a dumpcart,
Yerking inert purdah wide in escort!

Your voice piercing in ears teleport,
Your intuitive mind as it’s hyperalert;
Your trance as is humane outsmart,
Yoghurt love soulful always jetport!

You be immune to loneliness exert,
You prefer to probe, solves in effort;
You attorn desires design in scart,
Yielding heartily to entire lovely lot!

©®Alby Raymond Parackal
All rights reserved, 06/09/2019

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