Poems by Ashok Kumar

Poems by Ashok Kumar



O! Man how selfish we are
Look her she is crying
Love her before tears dried 
Why the toughest as the rock

Look spoiled water ,the fire of Amazon
Don’t see that noble vision
My MYSTIC SOUL weep loudly
Pray to all care her safely

Alas ! Lost forest ,lost forever
Do whatever ,can do
To preserve this beautiful nature
Save her ,save future

Oh ! Siberian burning forest
How our Great soul take a rest
Tears speak as loud as they speak
Lost specific species never return

O! Great soul remember your goal
Be kind as you may be
Soul will smile as he
Happy I’m as she.



The furious water of ocean
Opened his jaws to sollow
The precious lives 
War theretened to wise

Third eye is looking moon
Steel heart ,sharp teeth as like as baboon
Python ,licking the dead bone
The pious king collected awards soon

Donkeyes ,baffalos are sold
Spreading rumours pretended as bold
Hungry people , economy collapsed
Pious citizens pray for precious lives

War of words and war of atoms
Stars weep to see the blood
Black hounds , flying bats
Haunted spirits and roaring cats

Great soul has pain
For necular rain
O ! divine light enlighten every soul
Bless Peace , prosperity the only one goal



Open the door of your heart
And you will find
Wonderful words 
Pure love and bliss

Open the door of your heart
Anything you may say ,what you want
And you can share with dare
Lovely pearls you find there

Open the door of your heart
And I will do ,wish from you
You will read my soul
And I will read you


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