Sokrat Habilaj (Albania)

Sokrat Habilaj (Albania)
Sokrat Habilaj, is born in Vlora and is resident in Tirana. Graduated from university, majoring in economics and working as a financier. Literature has always been his companion. He has published the voluminous novel “The troubled spirit of woman”. He has also published in the daily press the novels: “The Confession of a Clerk” and “Notes from the Province”. This author has published the poetic volume, “I Have Told You About the Tear.” He has also published various poetry cycles and writings in the daily press and has two volumes of poetry as well as a novel ready to be published: Love Me When I Am No Longer ”
We kill sad things for ourselves every day,
That makes us feel a little farther away.
We kill the moments when evil seizes us,
We forget the pain we have from the wounds.
And then, facing back through the years,
To see if we are as we were before.
You show me differently, not what you were,
And I killed things that I shouldn’t have.
But this is not the time to apologize,
Just love one another without any limit.
We who parted ways for each other,
Who will love us, remaining halves!?
Yes, we are thousands of separate particles,
And when in the dust we become oblivious.
Again we start the separation all over again,
The remaining particles divide in the middle.
Some particles don’t appear where they flee like nostalgia.
In love, they are held hostage by others.
Some time particles are in the tombs,
But our name is not in marble.
Some other particles are tired of the way,
To break the neck as we want at the gate.
That they are images of women i don’t kissed,
Or images of men! I talk about you in vain!
We both face each other like after a war,
Let’s see how many things we lack.
I’m not asking about the particles you lose,
And to you in tears, the words come back.
Then he protrude his hand to you, as hiding,
You the viewing hidden, above me macerate.
I’m the particle I have left,
And you the only particle, in a skeleton.
If I were to make the world from scratch,
Of course I would have many remarks.
The beautiful things I don’t let rare,
Yes, I would still do it alone.
Let them curse in vain,
That I fell into the old mistake.
Maybe God was also an avaricious,
That like you, he created no other.
And when I went down to bed with you,
Far from the throne of God, no more gods.
You would understand why I let go of the strands,
Why I didn’t want a second like you.
If I were to create the world from scratch,
I need some work because I have remarks. Hundreds of Troy had come then,
Hundreds of times, I would do it alone!
You sleep next to me and so, unintentionally,
The hair on the pillow, spreads like foam.
Maybe you feel good when I’m under your cheek,
Perhaps love, you will fall asleep.
Maybe even when you sleep, it can’t help for me,
And there in the hair, I leave your kiss.
Maybe you’ll turn your dream into a woman,
Whispering to me: -I have you in mind!
Perhaps you will see and when you close your eyes,
And hair all eyes, does with devilish.
Perhaps you will say: -With them, it will drown,
Even if asleep, betrayal thinks.
Perhaps more so, when you sleep you love me,
I am asleep, talking in vain.
When you wake up tomorrow, don’t worry about me,
If between your hair, you will find tears.
Translated by Marjeta Shatro Rrapaj

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