RAPE / Poem by Membis Okorie Chukwukamma

Poem by Membis Okorie Chukwukamma



Here is a mother whose children are now fifty-four,
Beautiful and blessed with all form of seductiveness
She cooks for her children playing at the village square
While they dance the drum of ancestral melody

She walks to the market swinging her hips with pride
Then came strangers from the Western Village
With them is the black book to change her destiny
They forced her into the forest and blind folded her

Like commodities they ship some of her children away
As they lunch their agendas of taking her virginity
I heard her screaming, her cry echoing underworld
Her teardrops turned blood and her breath ceasing

I heard they sound of running foots to rescue her
They chased the strangers away with her cloth taken
They have succeeded in casting rivalry in her spirit
She is now under their spell; not knowing who she is

Then came another group of rapist who are her kids
They learnt rape by watching their mother being raped
So they overpowered her with the help of the strangers
Constantly lunching their penis like missiles into her

Screaming has become her song and tears her smiles
She has lost some of her children and her wrappers
She cries to be consoled by you and also by me
She cries to be loved by her children far and near.


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