Zdravko Odorcic (Croatia)

Zdravko Odorcic (Croatia)
Zdravko Odorcic was born in Osijek. He works and lives in Zagreb, Croatia. He is a theatre activist, a writer and a poet. He published over 150 literary works including 9 plays, I novel, 7 poetry books and 1 children book. He is founder of Kultura Snova and online Radio Snova. He is a playwright who directs his own scripts on stage. He was the founder and Director of TV Osjek Plus during the Patriotic War. He leads Zagreb Poetry evenings weekly. Kultura Snova has 250 members and followers all over the world who collaborated and work with him. He is some kind of cultural ambassador connecting people from various races, cultures and religions spreading tolerance, peace and bridging people from all over the world through his artistic activities. Recently he started caravans of poets called Na Dlanu or On The Palm of The Hand producing anthology from each poem festivals he organizes from various towns in the Balkans.
I don’t ask anymore from where you arrived
And why our eyes saw each other
That moment of glance in the depth of soul
We all come from the energy of the universe
We only need to recognize each other
The body is only the shell
This life we heavily bring through
But not birth nor death
Is owner of our eternal souls
Unbreakable by knowledge try centuries
And while with earth it melts till dust
Soul is moving to another shell as Universe gift
Keeping the gene of remembrance in subconscious Mind
And so through the eternal circle of perfection
Till moment we recognized ourselves
Makers of our souls put us on the Earth
Where our souls live like parasite for a moment
But not the makers even know
that on this planet the soul gives birth to the love and passion
And remembers it so stubbornly and returns to it always
They poison us and wound our souls with giving us
Shells without souls that bring only evil
Hate, envyness, greed, famine and wars
They give birth to many petrified bodies
Killing this way our noble emotions
In this vertigo of degradation and death
The fortune of this world is just to meet you
Connect with you in words of past and future
Knowing we existed and we will exist
Changing with love forms, times and world’s
(Translated by Zana Coven )
you can’t go
hand in hand
with me,
with poem
with my experience
and with the richness of my mind.
you are a lady
and it is not for you
to walk with me
wrapped in expensive curds
embraced by my hands of experience
you can’t go with me by foot
because inns are home to poets
it is difficult to walk on high heels
here on Gornji Grad
where up hills are made of stone cubes
the air that is ripped up by the poems of the poet
is full of smoke
and it’s stuffy
but you have gentle lungs
your lips are so soft
and my kisses so rough to lips
you don’t understand what we sing
for the pain and suffering of the soul
can only sing
the bohemian symphony of mad poets
you can hear just the sound of my voice
but not crying of my soul of poet
for the one who heard love in my poemswhich went barefoot
in summer blue dress
because she was shot by the emotion of reality in the forehead of illusions
I can’t kill you that way
and I can’t love you as I loved her with my soul
Translated into English by Zaynab Nevenka
Walk, walk…
With your charming high hills,
and hold my hand tight.
You are full of youth desire
Inside me, still my old heart beats.
Walk, walk…
Our souls are touched
With my age experiences and your young excitement.
Walk, walk…
With your dreamed body
Hidden under the coat
With your head leaned on my chest.
On the next love intersection
No mater how heartfelt would be
We’ll kiss as long as we could
And than walk away in separate ways.
And, we are so interesting (special) couple….
Curious side walkers
Don’t know if I am your father or grandfather
Walk, walk..
maybe we will meet while still young
Recognize ourselves after our hearts beat
In some other shape
On some other planet
In some other world….

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