LET ME CRY A LITTLE – Poem by Leyla Aliyeva / Transated into English by Mesme İsmayilova Aliyulla qizi

Poem by Leyla Aliyeva
Let me cry a little
Just … quietly .
Hid the heart under the pillow.
May be having open the window
To throw my broken heart
to the yard ?!
Or to the fate of life?
No… the best is
Let me cry a little
Just … quietly .
Let , no one would feel
My grief , my sorrow…
Better … going to the dacha
For crying … quietly …
I would take my heart
and would throw to ocean
to the bosom of the waves
That , couldn’t say any words
“Why doesn’t it fit into my chest ?”
Sometimes a storm, sometimes a wind
Taking it … to the far
No! Best is that
Let me , İ burry it in the garden
Let it , grows and blossoms .
May be wrap it to the honey …
Making forget the bitter pain
Even if I would deceive myself ,
Let , I console the soul
Making forget the bitter pain
Or to call friends
Evening … for the supper
Would drink wine , up to satiety
.Let them, give my heart,
İn a crystal bowl, to the table
Let, friends taste it
Let them , come back to life again …
Here are the children ,
Jumping and playing …
May be they have no the ball,
May be … İ give them … my heart…
Let them run … till tired of
No more regrets!
Whatever the heart says
I will not react … what would say the heart,
I’ll leave it to the fate…
Or…I’ll give this you free
Just … like that
In the silence of the night
I am alone with my heart.
It’s raining, getting wet
I don’t hold an umbrella for her
Let her … offended …
How much …
İt made me madden
Sometimes I rebelled
To the Sun and the Moon
İ am screaming : “Take…take this,
I gave it to God!
But I didn’t decide
Why I didn’t decide ?
To give this … my great heart
To you ?
Transated into English by Mesme İsmayilova Aliyulla qizi
Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University