SUNSET’S BEAUTY / Poem by Aendgzel Roze (Purple Roze)

Poem by Aendgzel Roze (Purple Roze)



In my window’s westerly view
Just before the sunset exits from the scene
And light swallowed by the night’s pervading darkness
I have witnessed another nature’s serene beauty
Mesmerizing tangerine, dusky purple hued clouds
Painted the tranquil vastness of the evening sky
Silhouetted tall trees swaying non-stop
With the soothing cool breezy air
Dancing wind chimes hanging from my window
Do chanting sweet lively music to my ears
Such a relaxing moment this fleeting scenario brought
A joy I felt percolating not only to my sight
But also captivated my heart to the core
I sighed, smiled, contemplated and whispered to the wind
“Tonight I’ll take a rest and wait for tomorrow’s break of dawn
And anticipate smiling rays of new hope.”

©Purple Roze
All Rights Reserved

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