Poems by Tulsi Shrestha

Poems by Tulsi Shrestha


River Of Happiness Flows From Heart

At least once a day, you need to be with someone else.
Make yourself worthy for him to remember, you as his dear.
Be a reason of someone’s smile and love ,for their care.
Be merciful to poor, without expectation reward you bear

The scale of Happiness, not rely alone on material gain
Nor it is attained through satisfaction of sensual -rain
The way you live A Life and freedom of your choice
Will ensure perpetual happiness for your pure rejoice

One needs to be surrounded by positive relative -voice
To harmonise one’s step with his preference of choice
Never get your inner feelings infected by selfish -hue
Such tendency destroys happiness that you really due.

Source of happiness always dwells really inside you
Why do you wander here and there ,for it to view.
River of ultimate happiness flows from your own heart .
And it is always flooded with tears of infinite joy.

A dedicated love and own life for welfare of mankind
Sharing excessive that you have to the world , of any kind .
A sense of brotherhood helps to feel the world itself in you,
No more hidden, secret of infinite happiness that you due.



Immunity in blood stream to ensure humanity
We expect nature will boost our immunity
To combat virus strain for human entity.
Until we develop vaccine for security .
Option left for us, is herd immunity .

When a large percentage of the world population
Gets infected , people gain natural solution.
They develop antibody to destroy virus strains
Inside their blood stream flowing in veins .
History had incited it as ultimate gain.

The fear of contagion & death inhibited altruistic spirit
That we desperately need to show for bereaved family.
Not able to stay with loved ones even in their last breath.
Can’t dare to join in funeral, how helpless we are,you see.
A Strain destroyed humanity, social value and norms .

Asymptomatic percentage of the world population
No doubt, might be much more than our imagination .
Hence, the possibility of gaining herd immunity
We can expect to happen for our prosperity.
Miraculously, Covid 19 will go away in near future.
Or may coexist with us like benign common flu .

Besides this, plasma therapy and stem cell infusion
Along with vaccine and potential drug as solution
Scientists are observing in human as clinical trials
A battle with invisible enemy , we will definitely conquer .
Waiting for the day of glory, flamboyant hue of dawn.



When Graves Are dug Before Death
All of us ,need to feel severity of desaster.
When there is A threat for human species .
Just to feed worthless ego,Oh Super Powers
Not wise to indulge in blaming each other .
There is no any space in almost all graveyards.
Corpses are cremated in electric retort chamber
Without caring days ,need to wait final judgement day.
Price that we can’t pay now, for our mistake & vanity
Enough is enough, try to raise above personal gain.
Any how, each one has to play his role
To save the world and human existence.
It is time to stand together to unite in
Global War against invisible fatal virus.
It is time to share fruitful experience ,
Research outputs and creative measures
With each other and one another nations
To ensure rays of hope and sunshine
In billions of fearing and shivering hearts .


Engjëll I. BERISHA Engjell I. Berisha, was born in 1962, in Gjakova, Kosovo. During his studies in Prishtina, he frequently published on periodicals since 1985 and continued for many years. Published his first book in 1990 while continuing later with … Continue reading

Bastioane de molime ucise / Claudia Bota

Claudia Bota
Bastioane de molime ucise
În suflet pătrunde o tainică lumină din cer,
Pământul așterne o beznă de cenușă și fier,
Neliniștea ta iubite, din nou mă-nfioară,
Cum privești la mesajul redundant de afară.
O iubire azi se măsoară în priviri dezrobite,
Ne este prea frig între timpuri neîmplinite,
Să mă duc nu mai pot, să mai vin nu mai pot,
Căci politicenilor azi îi doare de țară în cot.
Am ajuns bastioane închise de molime ucise,
Cerșim ajutor dar cuvintele nu sunt străpunse,
Unde-s aripi de vultur să scuture peticul de cer?
Când pe creste de munte azi pădurile sure pier.