Poems by Augustin Joseph

Poems by Augustin Joseph
In Her Grace
Your eyes filled by sparks of mystics,
your soul filled with colours of serene
your body carved out from warrior esteem,
your mind poised with creativity & desires,
your voice pours with pacifism & virtue,
your smile charms with the beauty & pride,
your silence echos with sacrifice & zeal
your feet once was chained by rules of others
your own strength awakened inself set you free
your paths were covered by spikes of compulsion
your wings of poise & faith spread to the revolution
your shadow that was transparent once on ground
your grace became the sun for dark.
She Warrior
you are a being made up of epic proportions
a warrior & a writer with warming emotions
clear pool eyes daunts all your strengths in bare
yet always they interacts with a mischievous stare
always believed to stand up for the right
and not to dance just for others delight
wise enough to avoid being part of a messy story
cauz been trapped by the dead burden to carry
society of half-breeds knocked you down in times
still always kept your ideological thought in-lines
a brave warrior that will look face to any danger
an elegant queen that will tame any harbinger
your attitude is the belief to do anything hardcore
your delight is in to live life always being hardcore
you carved out feminity thru your persisting faith
molded it to a crown as a mark of your dignified path
walked on it with the heels jeweled of fine mirth
& the body of firm made from enshrined lumps of earth
With all these words I ask will you to be my strength
To be the light that will lead my eyes for the divine wealth.
The Old God’s
I sculpt the signs & scald the skin within
Saying the name of the forsaken been
claiming the life of one that existed before
knowing your Domain shall rise once more
In the Deep corners of the universe’s murky history
echoed with your Names secret mystery,
I heed to your calls & envisaged of your lairs
A space were numinous sentient crystals hovers
Give forth the signs to revel thy awakening roar
As I speak the hymns that unseals the cosmic door
come forth thru the skies with as foretold in the lore
& spread your arms of thousands to reach the core
I entreat your power & colour to merge into my figure
to shine my eyes with dreams you always whisper
to elevate my will to regulate this world in its being
that will bring new waves of ultimate changes foreseen
when yesterday, today & tomorrow will merge into one domain
Supplanting the sun you will rise up & walk on this earth again.

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