MIGRAINE / Poem by Stella L. Luna

Poem by Stella L. Luna



I feel it Coming like a raging bull
Once again it’s going to be a fight
Throbbing, hammering, squeezing,
Like a vise grip tightening the sections
On my head, the tension intensifying.
I feel nausea and stomach upset
A heightened aversion to strong odors,
There’s a distinct smell that makes me weak.
The sound of silence I have waited for
Not wanting to hear loud noises,
Staying under the dim light
I hate the light more and more.

I hear the ringing sound in my ear-
Humming, buzzing, hissing,
The noise unrelenting, here comes ” Tinnitus”
I hear the sound of a thousand
Shards of glass blown into my system
Acutely sensitive, it’s “ Hyperacusis”.

I felt a knife has struck my brain.
The blade cutting through the section
Culminating in pain.
It’s a rollercoaster ride-
Symptoms that seem supernatural
The complexities and subtleties of migraine.

Vision of dazzling light displays-
Flickering, pulsating, glaring, annoying,
Repetitive patterns, bright spectrums in array,
TV screens, neon signs, headlights unceasing.
Eyes obstructed by nebulous light shapes
Visual stimuli leading to fear of lights,
It’s called “Photophobia”, there’s no escape
Hiding into obscurity, causing silent fright.

Some say it’s SIH –
Spontaneous Intracranial Hypotension
Or maybe migraine, it’s more common,
Some say it can be tremor
Or an impending stroke, that’s no joke.
Why do I have to bear the brunt ?
I haven’t felt like a train wreck before
A victim, older and weaker
I need more than pain reliever.

I dread to learn the Truth
Drugs have taken a toll on me
It’s time to be set free.
I won’t let this thing cripple me
Tie me down, stop me,
Turn me into a zombie,
Or make way for Depression and Anxiety.
It just takes courage and faith
Fight my demons, guard my mental state.
My lifestyle hasn’t been that great
I need intervention, more than physical
and mental, is a spiritual state,
I have reached the age of wearing away
And just have to deal with it anyway.

(C) S.L.Luna
08Nov2019 Manila
(C) Moonwriterpoet
All rights reserved.

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