Kashmir (Presenting it on India’s 73rd INDEPENDENCE DAY!) / Poem by Aneeta Chitale

(Presenting it on India’s 73rd INDEPENDENCE DAY!)
The colonials have left, long ago
The remnants of the colony still
Dwell in their shadows
Their pounds and shelling, marked
‘The Monarch’s face’ on
The epistle’s stamped
The Royal’s face !
So I heard in stories
So here is a story , of a nation
Almost three hundred year’s old …..
The Glory of India, was heard all over
The Silk Route
So many plundered it’s wealth
The emeralds, the opals an d The Kohinoor Diamond
All plundered in the ravages of time
In Monarchs kingdom
They all shine
Long forgotten wealth of India
Is written in the chronicles’ of time !
They gave us our freedom
With a price tag
Peace and wealth was a barter
For their friends and foes
New land and nations were formed
The bugles, played and the trumpets blew
Singing songs of their victory
They left 72 years ago
A country bereft
With dark shadows and a credo
Of caste, creed and religion
The mantra of gospel truth
“Divided we stand” whispered in ears
Of people
The vast empire stands divided
On marked lands and punctuated spaces
India, Pakistan, then the Kargil …LOC
Two countries in turmoil, hostile and neighbours
Each bearing a constituent assembly, yet planting bombs
And bloodshed
Where the terrorist plant suicide bombers
In India’s land
In God’s own land of Kashmir
Once the Jannet on earth
The most dreaded place and hell
After seventy year’s there is no land, no place to own
Two States- one Nation India
Where is peace?
Peace was given, over night now
stands divided in cause and divided in minds-
And every year –
They play the tapes on 15th August
“Freedom at Mid Night”
When the world sleeps
India will rise……
So is the story of Kashmir!
By Aneeta Chitale (India)
Poem is the Copyright of the Poet.