My India / Poem by Sunita Paul

Poem by Sunita Paul
My India
Dear India
I love you
Maybe I cannot lay my life
But I pray for you to overcome all war n strife
Maybe I did nothing for you
But my awe n admiration is always anew
Dear India
You have survived all hardships
Sacrificed lives and your beauty in heaps
Still you stood up strong and tall
India you shine among one n all .
Dear India
You are beautiful inside and out
There’s no other country exotic as you I doubt
Stay as exquisite as you are
Your uniqueness in diversity makes you a shining star
Dear India
I lost my mother ages before
In you I find that warmth restored
I pray at least you live till infinity
And bless me till my soul reaches eternity.

One thought on “My India / Poem by Sunita Paul

  1. Nice one ,,Every inch of land
    Saturday,17th August 2019

    What to say and what to pay!
    O, my holy motherland you shall stay
    for us to feel motherly
    you were always felt as heavenly

    You always provided shelter
    to feel at home whenever
    we were threatened
    and pained

    we shall defend
    and send the signal across
    we are fully committed
    and firmly seated

    each and every inch of land is sacred
    and we have led
    the peaceful resolve
    for all the problems to solve

    nothing shall weigh against
    and if so counter to our interest
    we shall sacrifice with whatever possible means
    and win against an odd

    Hasmukh Mehta

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