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The Eyes Of Heaven: Part (160 – 162) / Poems by Lomas Kumar Bhatt

Poems by Lomas Kumar Bhatt


The Eyes Of Heaven:

Untouched spontaneous exaltation,
Hidden in thy depth of expression,
Unexpressed untold perfection,
Still I’m wondering in depth & the edge,
In thy Wonderland’s trance of soul!

Silent fire of funeral’s smile,
Crematory’s beauty reflects on skies,
Divine’s peace in oceanic hole,
Creatures wondering in thy awaken veins,
Still I’m wondering abandoned,
Within thy presence & absence absolute!

Iceberg’s slice my dew drop of eyes,
Burning bright whole day & night,
Brighten the universe with love & light,
Heaven’s nectar crematory’s ashes,
I grabbed in my thousand hands,
Standing on the Mountain-high,
With the grandeur of light & presence,
Of the Third Eyes Of Heaven,
Reciting the hymns of,
The goddess of Fertility,
O! Dear goddess:
Means & ends of nature,
Blossom buds gesture,
Smiling lips flatter,
The Vergin incarnation,
Blinking eyes motion,
Winding blow presentation,
Universal beauty’s extension,
Please kindly accept,
My nectar & ashes,
To be pleased souls fermentation,
To born a new baby,
With Yours divine exaltation!

Sudden I jumped got flotting wings floater,
Trance & dreams as mixed together,
Cloudy feather covered me whole,
Drunken ecstasy complete closed eyes,
Sudden I lost myself & my being!

Thee just knocked my entire wings feather,
I just recovered my lost sense wonderer,
Find myself in thy lap of slumber,
Thee just kissed as act of blunder,
Stand very fast looked around in wonder,
Sudden thee run & run towards heaven,
Yes with smile,
Secrets hold!🌹

@Lomas Kumar Bhatt.
All Rights Reserved.


The Eyes Of Heaven:

Dimensional transformation,
Within dimensional perfection,
In spontaneous cosmic existence,
Beyond the imagination,
But divine’s transgressions,
All over in universal beings of formation,
Day & night on horizonal amalgamation,
Within womb’s skies in presence of sun,
Moon’s bloody veins mixed with water,
Makes galaxy in faminen fermentation,
Before been birth prescribed destination,
Called destiny in future’s prescription,
No one’s above & beyond existence,
Cycle of birth nature’s proclamation,
Mother-earth adjoins with,
Cord of kingdom of Ancestors-house,
Deciding factors of beings all over,
Whom so ever whether how and when,
Though Men crying with dignity of pride,
While no existence in whole universe,
Complete stupidity in whole performance,
Unknown grief covered,
In whole circumference,
In this refractive world of expression,
Neither true nor false submission,
While absolute rest somewhere,
Illusionary beauty spread all over,
O! Princess of Heaven,
Please spread divine Gratitude,
Your’s creations puzzled in self attitude,
Each one acts as self masterpiece,
While they unknown to Soul serene peace,
Self acclamation be satanic proclamation,
Stop O’ worldly think within realisation,
Have you any existence,
Within self circumference,
Oh no! Stuck a while,
I’m Vaporising endlessly,
On stone at mid of crematory,
Boundless serene heart,
Blossom burst unconditionally,
I’m seeing She coming out,
On the high flaming pyre,
Stand enormous in front of my being,
Her open mouth,
Swallow my being of smoke,
With smile,
Secrets hold!

@Lomas Kumar Bhatt.
All Rights Reserved.

Valeria Varas (Chile)

  Valeria Varas, antropóloga y diseñadora gráfica, chilena – costarricense. Pertenece a la Asociación Costarricense de Escritoras y a la Sociedad de Escritores de Chile. Tiene ocho poemarios publicados en Costa Rica. Poemas suyos se encuentran en publicaciones y compilaciones … Continue reading