Poems by GULAGHA TENHA (Azerbaijan) / Translated into English by Mesme Ismayilova Aliyulla qizi

Poems by GULAGHA TENHA (Azerbaijan)
Doctor of philosophy, benefactor and poet
Azerbaijan poet and benefactor Gulagha ( Qenberov ) Tanha was born in Masalli region , village Arkivan, on May 20, 1959 . Graduated from the Moscow Institute of construction engineer. He is fond of poetry.
Don’t say …I ‘m childless …
Don’t ache … so ,
This love is your own child … World
Saw that … there was no … other way out.
World revolved around my love…
His try was ill will and attempt .
He closed his fate … himself ,
His heart shudder … hands shiver.
World was plundered … because of longing…
When there is no light from the fate ,
When there was no flower around the fate…
Where there was no grace together with the ashes
World …. was fade from the sorrow …
World …. was fade from the sorrow …
When your noise … around the world ,
Everybody asked : “What is this wail ?”
Enough several ladder for get down were …
How understand ladder… if they didn’t get down.
What width is … of the long blanket?
Where end is … of the deep ravine?
Your bitter onion that burns the eyes … the world…
Then… what is the butter and bread ?
İf creeping would find arrow … would shoot to the flinger
… to whom … who would close node and would open it ,
Would cried ” Coward! ” the runner to the exiled …
If runner is coward …then who is the exile ?
Seasons had passed … through the your life … Gulagha ,
Family chosed … diverse hearth and home ,
What will the world know … if there is no Tanha …
What’s Erkivan …that Tanha loved ? …
What with to this period, to this time,
Eye … of light
light is the need of eyes.
No knots in the loops … in my poems,
Words … to the pens … and the pen needs words.
Together living is desire of the life
Passion … is endless
desire … is endless
desire … is thousand.
Wings of my wish aren’t sick …
Need fiery ash in its land…
Applause … is the Sun of my fate
Blowing wind … never wouldn’t slake the fire
Wish that … every man let be a son,
Every large road …needs small trace …
Translated into English : Mesme Ismayilova Aliyulla qizi
Doktor Philology on Philosophy
Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University.

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