Huang Huibo (China)

Huang Huibo (China)


Huang Huibo, a member of the Chinese Writers Association, a visiting professor at Hanshan Normal University, he has published many collections of poems.e.g “the rice and the fire”.


A Winter Night’s Rain

Winter rain, you come quietly
A silk drifting into my haggard heart
It’s as if it’s a distant sky
The moment of my melancholy heart becomes happy
Still waking up in the middle of the night
But in a quiet sleep
Still a shallow dream
Lick the sweet winter rain in a dream
My arrogant God
Have you missed the storms of the world for long time
Why are you so disdain for my melancholy
More so disdain for my happiness
This is the world you dominate.
It’s the land I love
You are in the mist do you know
Tonight, on this night
The land out of my window
The hills are still more quiet


Meet in Singapore

Whenever I think of your name
Always evokes good memories of childhood
Just as I walked into you
The hurried footsteps become flurried and hesitant
This is also called close to home unquiet mood.
Or have long been stunned by your beauty
Jadeite is your dress
Flowers are your face
The night pearl is like your limpid eyes
Glamorous and gentle in the light
You have a great love, so you are tolerant
You are confident and colorful, so you are leisurely
The tribulation of your life
—so you’re happy
You are like a Nirvana Phoenix
—so you’re smart
Some people say you are a thoughtful wise man
Others say you’re a fast-moving young man
I said you were a wonderful girl
Walking on the coast of the South China Sea
Ask the world to exclaim for you
Lingering for you
Be in love for you

Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Newspaper, August 2009
Works 2010


No Title

Don’t say that despair can make poetry solidify
It’s always like the blood running freely on me
You know that melancholy can make a beautiful poem
But I do not know despair, but there are too many
superimposed melancholy
Why is it always written on my face
But can not let the slightest boredom flashes on the face
Why I only sigh in my vocabulary
Even now I’m full of tears
How I want to see your bright smile
Even if this smile is hiding my worries
How I want to see your hope eyes
Even if there’s sigh in my eyes

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