Poems by Tulsi Shrestha 

Poems by Tulsi Shrestha 



Please tell me, someone here
Why my love is beyond my reach
I know my moon belongs to the Sun
Still I love her as my own love.

Dream I dream turned nightmare
I wake up in dark midnight
Your beams caressed me gently.
I misunderstood it as your love.

I watched you a whole night
From the veil of my window
Tears flow down to my cheeks
No one is there to wipe my tear

Why I’m alone ! in this world
Grief followed me as her beloved
Don’t I have right to dream
A beautiful lady as a life of mine.



The first sentence that mountain learns to echo
I am sure ,that is indeed -” I love you ” Feminine
Beyond the mystery of femininity, you are naked reality
No doubt, you are the spirit of chastity and purity.

Let me observe and say, what I see in you
You are faith and conclusion of my own life
External you are ,and eternal your love is
No doubt, it perfumes as long as the world exists.

Let us reverse the criteria of comparison
The ocean is deeper as your eye – depth
Flower is elegant and beautiful like you
Rose – petals tender like your pinky lips.

The earth, moon and the universe itself
Really feel glory to symbolise you as them
The beauty blossoms from your breasts
The life originates from your mysterious womb.

The cyclone of love and fire of passion
Breath of joy and fusion of two hearts
It is indeed no one but you feminine
Who certifies them as essence of life

I regard you as a cause of creation
Rivers of love and compassion
The spirit of life and pure devotion
As these are your source of dedication.

You are the destination of human life
Sweet smile of the whole earth and sky
Each and every sensible parts of yours
Enough to reflect the beauty of nature itself.



Orphans wander begging in the street
To feed their dead body, with half meal
Smell of hate and cruelty, they smell
From the behavior of human beings

Where do love and compassion dwell?
They are homeless, to search them well
Heartless parents threw them to die
While some of them lost their parents

Their hopes rest in eternal peace
And future dances with mighty death
Diseases settle inside their breath
So do they infect even their death

Watch tears, inside their painful eyes
These are really ,oceans of their griefs
When their eyes, suddenly weep
The whole world pretends to sleep

Writers feed on, their stories they create
They do present as voice of speechless
Behind the curtain, they are hopeless
To expect from them , is quite useless

How do they love songs of love ?
When they inhale the first breath of life
Indeed, inside the street waste box
Rotten tradition wins the game
Humanity commits suicide then.


ठहराव.!!! / Vipin Kumar

Vipin Kumar   ठहराव.!!! यह फासले हमारे तुम्हारे दरमियां सिर्फ खामोशियों की नहीं बखत दिलों की भी थी. जबकि हम समझते रहे सिर्फ ‘हम’ थे- सिर्फ ‘हम’. हकीकत यह था- कि तुम ‘तुम’ थे – मैं ‘मैं’ था ‘हम’ जैसा … Continue reading