Web of lies / Poem by Susanta Haldar

Poem by Susanta Haldar


Web of lies

Despondent night shook the foliage
at my feet-
the ground beneath me remained calm,
the canopy of the fermanent,
the rustic shore
that were left with few sparks
to witness a dawn with me
and to withhold you,
until I do abjure.
I had forsworn, as I knew
truths must drag the night
and make it long,
I might succumb to them
at any such time
when we’re not required to engage
in praises, upon each other,
when the night was at its peak
and the web of lies were at their throngs..
It was over- the night of lies;
I lied with an aim to gain,
and to win you-
yet, nothing was won,
and the plights remained the same;
when, moist with the dues of all calm
I stood abandoned with the foliage
those were ignorant of the dawn.
Once a lie, shall remain a lie,
one or many,
they can’t be condoned;
you might ignore the love behind the lies
those were told knowingly,
at a time when the foliage fell,
and when they fell in the dark
to decorate a ground at dawn,
but, to the trees they won’t return;
as were the lies
that saved me for the night,
and that you had accepted
without a promise or a delight..


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