……İS A HOMELAND ( VƏTƏNDIR ) – VUQAR AKHMED (Azerbaijan scientist and poet) / Translated: Mesme Ismayilova

Poem by VUQAR AKHMED (Azerbaijan scientist and poet)     VƏTƏNDIR Mən seirə dərd kimi,qəm kimi,istək,arzu, vüsal kimi yanaşıram.   Qoy sizə ərz eləyim dönə-dönə, Vətəndir, Harda “Segah” çalınsa, ora mənə Vətəndir. Qibləgahım, məbədim, son pənahım Vətəndir, Dinim, Kəbəm, Quranım, … Continue reading

Poems by Syedah Maryam Iqbal

Poems by Syedah Maryam Iqbal
In memory of my Father
With tears in my eyes and a broken heart,
I strive to exist, though it is a story of the past,
When you left me bewildered and shattered,
I thought about myself as survivor of an atomic blast.
I rebuild my life to coexist with torment,
With wreckage spread everywhere and discontent,
I try to find reasons to go on and reinvent,
My blessed life, happiness and content.
But, your sudden demise left me forlorn,
There is so much melancholy and a lot to mourn,
However, whenever I recall my cheerfulness and your adore,
I feel exalted to be in your lap after being born.
With your pampering and shelter,
My life never witnessed welter,
I walked on the skies and did venture,
I was the princess with everything stellar.
Diverse Shades of Humanity
Our human identity in the hands of discrimination,
Is a demeaning scar on our intellectual cognition,
We are sent to earth as vicegerents of God,
But, through our actions, we never form a coalition.
We are wheatish, brown, white and black,
All shades of humanity are under attack,
How can we prefer one to other of our kind?
We are same, with no dominance to ransack.
Our souls have different skin colour tones,
But, we have human bones and hormones,
No colour has superiority over the other,
Despite our locations in diverse zones.
Why does humankind face the burden of colourism?
Why do we keep each other behind racist prison?
God has created humankind with beauty of hues,
To show us his craft of creation and wisdom.

Poezi nga Zef Bardhi

Poezi nga Zef Bardhi    * * * Fjala jote e dashnis trika e re hardhie n’vreth.. Pri rrezeve syve t’lotuem bisqe tè blerta qel’, t’tana plagve t’pèrgjakuna idhnive buron gjeth ! Vargu Yt’ shenjue pri zemrès rand merr frym’, … Continue reading