Poems by Dr. Saumyajit Acharya

Dr. Saumyajit Acharya
Dr. Saumyajit Acharya is a Indian poet,writer,translater and scholar. He has proved his prowess in diverse bounds of literature and creative writing besides his successful professional carrier in academics.
Apart from poetry he is equally conversant in writing short stories and articles. The art of translation is also his field of expertise. He has been accoladed with numerous prestigious awards.He has seven books of poetry in his credits till now. His literary works get frequently published in leading magazines and newspaper across Indian and Bangladesh.
I am not talking about July
Enjoy rain before war
And after war.
Are you a king?
A slave?
Are you a broken bridge or President of America?
Enjoy rain!
Before meal and after dinner,
Before sleep and at the dream…
Enjoy rain !
Enjoy rain within womb before birth
Enjoy rain from grave after die…
Some wet lines
Has cleaned-
Now it’s time to enjoy rain…
You forget war
You forget sex
Who are you?
Now it’s time to enjoy rain…
This night
rain is like
Melting moon.
Rain is like flowing pain.
I like moon
I like pain.
Who am I ?
Now it’s time to enjoy rain…

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