Enrico Romano ( Italy)


Enrico Romano

Architect and poet

He wrote since he was a teenager but only in 2001 he published “A new day”, first collection of poems (Piero Manni Editore – Lecce, 2001) presented in Lecce by the senator Giovanni Pellegrino (former President of the Parliamentary Committee “Stragi”) which stands out in several literary competitions; in 2013 he published the second collection “Schegge d’Anima” (Edizioni Milella of Lecce Spazio Vivo s.r.l. – Lecce, 2013) presented in Lecce by Prof. Carlo Alberto Augieri, professor of hermeneutics at the University of Salento. “Schegge d’Anima”, is presented again on two other occasions: the first by prof. Ennio De Bellis, professor of Philosophy Institutions at the University of Salento and the second by Prof. Giovanni Invitto, professor of Philosophy at the University of Salento and Dr. Moira De Iaco, philosopher, now a professor at the University of Studies of Bari.
In May 2016, he published “In the shadow of the asindeto – Madrigals, toxins, other stories” Di Felice Edizioni – Martinsicuro, 2016) officially presented by Prof. Ennio De Bellis, professor of Philosophy Institutions at the University of Salento , (with Preface by Dr. Chiara Armillis, psycho interpreter of art) and then by Dr. Chiara Armillis and Prof. R. Maggio, third book, which immediately imposes itself for the intense contents of interiority, deep and unknown soul paths and for the attention placed in observing the phenomena of costume with elegant and refined irony using the difficult “tool” of the asymmetry! Definite refined poet, intense, simple and profound, he always involves the reader, even when he tells about personal facts. In addition to a series of reviews in the press and in TV cultural columns (including RAI 3 Regionale – Puglia – 2001), as well as on “online” publications, Enrico Romano also received several awards for his books or for single compositions.

He is president of the VITRUVIO Salentine Cultural Association, which since 2005 has planned an international poetry competition called “Premio Vitruvio”, which will be celebrating its 13th edition this year. A short profile of his is on the “Enrico Romano Opera Uno” website. As president of “Vitruvio”, in close collaboration with colleagues of association, is organizer of cultural events, including Courses of Excellence at Higher Education Institutes, World Poetry Days (March 21), presentation of books, poetic and non-readings (called “declamando”) and more, always using, from time to time, collaborations of high professional profile including university professors and non, doctors, psychotherapists, musicians and other artists.

One of his poems was translated into english and published in a prestigious art catalogue for an international exhibition of artist and poets held in Bologna, Artebo Gallery in june 2016.


Claudia Piccinno & Enrico Romano
Dal libro “Un nuovo giorno” – Manni, 2001
M’aleggiano dentro così, nel mio andare,
mia mente trattiene, indugia esiliare
ché più solo sarei, vicine son tanto,
e non han dimensione e traslucide alquanto,
ma pur sempre presenti e calde… febbrili,
mie compagne di sempre… angosce sottili…
From the book “A new day” – Manni, 2001
Subtle anxieties
They are luring me inside like this, in my going,
my mind holds back, lingers exile
because I would be more alone, as soon as they get close,
and they have no dimension and in somewhat translucent,
but still present and warm … febrile,
My companions forever … my subtle anxieties …
Dal libro “Schegge d’Anima” – Milella, 2013
Piccole morti di ogni giorno
non il pensiero
della morte in sé.
Piccole morti quotidiane,
Forgiate su minuti centesimi di vita
d’occulti sogni disseminate,
rigogliose cascate scrosciano
di sola, manchevole speranza.
Piccole morti transitano
i primi sintomi
di voli liberi, e pesanti
passi di piombo segnano
formali sorrisi strappati al grigiore
d’un giorno soleggiato.
Piccole morti quotidiane,
l’io intimo, nell’eco di se stesso
mestamente sostenta
la quotidiana incertezza,
aliena solitudine
farcita con dimentiche strette di mano
a costellare un cielo
che non vedremo.
Piccole morti
distratte e frettolose di gesti
tesi ad incalzare, alto
il ponte levatoio, con la vita
alle spalle.
From the book “Schegge d’Anima” – Milella, 2013
Small deaths every day
not the thought
of death in itself.
Small daily deaths,
these make us sad.
Forged on minutes cents of life
of occult dreams disseminated,
lush waterfalls stumble
of lonely, failing hope.
Small deaths let go
the first symptoms
of free and heavy flights
lead steps mark
formal smiles torn from the gray
on a sunny day.
Small daily deaths,
the intimate ego, in the echo of itself
sadly supports
the daily uncertainty,
alien solitude
stuffed with forgetful handshakes
to adorn a sky with stars
that we will not see.
Little deaths
distracted and hasty with gestures
tense to press, high
the drawbridge, with
life at our back.
Brandelli d’anima
velato specchio di sé
l’ipocrisia rigurgita
il ghigno
passiva e allegra effonde
il gas dell’effimero.
Dileggia ovunque altèra
l’anestesia globale.
Aridi profughi,
proni fuggiaschi
di vetrine-ovili
uomini tecnologici
dal dubbio liberati,
inconsapevoli fantasmi
tatuati e nerboruti.
E son convinti
d’esser vivi.
Shreds of soul
veiled mirror of self
hypocrisy regurgitates
the conformist grin,
passive and cheerful he pours
the ephemeral gas.
He mocks everywhere changes
the global anesthesia.
Dry refugees,
prone fugitives
of windows cases-sheep
technological men
free from any doubt ,
unaware ghosts
tattooed and beefy.
And they are convinced
to be alive.
Translation by Claudia Piccinno

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