Poems by Nnane Ntube

Poems by Nnane Ntube



Showers of blessings
Majestic drops
Gentle beat tapping on my palm
Applauding me for giving my heart
To the thrum on roofs, on leaves and windows
Where bodies rhythmically dance
To give heat to hearts
Here I come to thank thee
For washing away my loneliness
And chasing away my fears
In this lonely path of life
Where only the brave can thread
Your glorious fall has shied my foes away
Your drops on me, my victory be
Oh rain, keep pelting on my umbrella’s roof
And give meaning to my dreadful existence.


Noise in our Parliaments

Men in pure black suits
Tie thick black ties on thick
Black necks like goats,
They bleat and bark,
Moo and grunt,
Some grumble in loud protests
Others squeak and neigh
In frustration
The oppressed hiss and rattle
Rubbing fingers aimlessly on heads and seats
Roars gave way to silence
Why the shriek?
Why the winnowing?
Men in pure black suits
Are noise makers
In peace making.



The word “democracy” sounds more like “them-dou-lazy”
Yes, it’s a feeling that comes with laxity
There is freedump everywhere;
At night falls, behind bars, men freely dumped themselves on loose skirts
Junking stale sperms into their trash cans
It’s freedump, there can be a condump,
Those who managed to put the wastes in it disposed it for worldwide consumption,
Our women export themselves at lower prices in foreign markets
In domestic markets, they’re more expensive than oil produced at the Bakossi peninsular,
We freely dump a brother clinging on the frail branch of “life is but a jungle”,
It’s freedump when hurtful memories are forcefully deposited into hollow bins
For the sake of peace,
It’s freedump when in a kingdump or chiefdump wastes litter the streets
Like juicy high school girls waiting for Hawks to pick them up,
It’s freedump when we discard logical reasonings into waste bags of “on va faire comment?”
It’s freedump, there’s fuel dumping; freestyle killings —freewheeling lifestyles,
Freedump of responses to precarious states in scrap mouths, a core dump that makes us
It’s freedump, there’s calldump

Copyright©Nnane Ntube


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