What You Need To Know About Women / Poem by Linda B. Scanlan

Poem by Linda B. Scanlan
What You Need To Know About Women –
Women are the manifestation of an ancient soulful being
the breath of Divinity….
When gifted with a mate
a lesser god
her superior inclinations
were offered up as sacrifice
a first dowry
although none was asked for
she was always kind that way….
Women are intricately manifested
of the finest elements
fashioned with a heart of gold
a keen mind a trap of steel
an iron will
brilliant like the aura of Ethiopian opals…
Women are earth-mothers
bearing our bodies
dying in child birth
if the baby lives
it’s a death worth taking
what is more precious than life….
We read nature’s signs
synergistic with her seasons
sisters of trees and storms and eclipses
synchronistic with the gravitational pull of the moon
affecting oceanic tides
we are powerful and strong by our very nature
frightening to those threatened by grace
enough to move mountains….
Women’s intuition
third eye chakra sees what is missed
reading between the lines
we are the lines
and the ties that bind
nonthreatening and secure….
Women are guides and empaths
shamans and healers
sisters walking arm in arm
ushering in the new womanity
singing the new song
dancing toward the ancient walls
of the new Jerusalem..
We beseech you
come join us
your voice needed for the boisterous choir
you sing superbly in just the right key….
Women are
cooperative and collaborative
competitive when called for
but life is not a competition
who told you that – they lied!
We warned you to stop believing
in their mindless chatter
listen to that quiet voice within
the only one that matters
we do
we listen to our silent guides
helping us out of all manner of predicaments
scrapes you call them
we call it life
best lived in collegiality
in community where sharing is a joyful sacred act….
Women see the value of the village
sharing our gifts
supportive of sisters who have the salvation of humankind written into their rough palms….
We are the elders joining the millenials
fraternal and color blind
they are soft
you say
I say
isn’t it about time….
Women are brilliant negotiators mediators and judges
we are fair
not so easily corrupted
yet some fall prey
because they act as men
not yet awakened
hopefully soon
we wait…
Women use feminine ways of knowing
broader in scope and inclusive
of meta language
we are able to delve deeply into spiritual realms…
We are brilliant scientists
theoretical physicists
microbiologists and teachers
and nurses and mommies
the best job if attracted to it….
Women are the inevitable
with skills and fortitude enough
to transform the world….
Don’t worry
count on us
need something done
ask a woman….
We are imaginative
take from little to make much
something mundane
now quite extraordinary….
Women are movers and shakers
and skillful deal makers
taking a seat at the table
we are here now
and shall not go back in time
when our voice was silenced….
The time is now – sisters unite!
we are the last hope to ignite the flame let’s join hands forming the circle
dancing and singing to our hearts delight..
This is what you need to know about women…..
©Linda B. Scanlan, 2018

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