O Vengeful Soul! / Poem by Syedah Maryam Iqbal

Poem by Syedah Maryam Iqbal
O Vengeful Soul!
O Vengeful soul!
Your abusive actions and corruption,
Have not made my words to tremble
They flow with the fluency of the sea,
They fly with the speed of the wind
They enlighten with the swiftness of the light.
O Vengeful soul!
See! Your harsh utterances,
That once cracked my passions,
Have now empowered me to fight,
Deal with all the fright
Stand for everything that is right.
O Vengeful soul!
Behold! The little innocent creation,
That was once frightful of monstrous shadows,
Unseen creatures and horrifying images,
Found everything in your disposition,
Your exploitation has given me insight.
O Vengeful soul!
Discern! Your malice, resentment and hostility,
Cannot settle my destiny,
As it is in the hands of the One,
That has all the might,
Over everything that is dark or bright.

Poem by Varsha Gupta ( Hindi)

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