Release / Poem by Vatsala Radhakeesoon

Poem by Vatsala Radhakeesoon
All confused
Chaos in your mind
Torn between vows and freedom
Drowning in pools of sorrow and joy
Temporarily mimicking my life
You surrounded my eyes
by your dazzling golden halo
For eight months,
like Queen Dido I was madly in love
In the ninth month
Truth was delivered
“I’m going back to the source” you said
I became the wounded woman
My tears begging you to stay
My heart begging you for a son
“I did tell you! “ you exclaimed
History repeats over the centuries
Men and women churn the same psychology
For a while I wished to burn my life
but within me my inner force
from the ashes rose
and settled in a newly-born world
like the serene phoenix
O my unreachable love!
Now I wish to tell you:
“Please go, fly
to the heart that you dutifully belong
to the expectations that are calling you”
You released your fantasies to me
and I released mine to you
Now you are releasing me from your life
Boldly, I release you too
I was born to be
the strong
emotionally-independent one
Now my soul is enlightened
I set you free
I am free.

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