Poezi nga Vasil Çuklla

Poezi nga Vasil Çuklla   Shpresëtar Lerja shpresës, ndezur një dritë Ndoshta, humbi rrugët, mes territ të natës Ndoshta, është plaguar, nuk sheh më nga sytë Ndoshta grahmon mjegullash. Përzhytet mes vapës! Shpresa vdes, mbas vdekjes. Nuk vritet, në pritë! … Continue reading

Poezi nga Dhimitri Jani Kokaveshi

Poezi nga Dhimitri Jani Kokaveshi   TEJKALIME O natë e dashurisë!… Eksese dhe suksese në referenca  tejkalimesh s’ të krahasoj dhe pse ndikojnë njerëzores?…Misteret M’i kërkon dhe fsheh, egzekutimeve në vuajtje dëshirash!… Provokoj të rëndësishmet?… Instaloj mbi fjalë përzgjedhjesh mes … Continue reading

Poems by Star Precious Okpeh

Poems by Star Precious Okpeh
Black boy
Like waters upon waters
I have found your words
Full of stars that soar with emotions
The boiling point of feelings
Risen in torrents I fear.
Black boy
The moon dropped tears
When she heard your voice.
A serenade splitting mortality
Redeeming humanity
What flow of the river you hold!
Our heads served in our bowls
Empty, needy, bald
In us resounds a dirge
In us there is no fun
Like Adamawa in her plight
That sits with strength at bay
We mourn our everyday
Empty, needy, bald.
Our heads served in our bowls.
When upon a certain day
Children cry as cupboards frown
Faith is held so it will pay
And help us rise so we don’t drown
Truth be told that we will grow
And as we grow a lot we know
A lot of wants; a lot of pain.
A mad desire to raise our gain.
When upon a certain day
Rumpled hairs seek bold a crown
Hope is called to clear the way
As wealth strolls in on a satin gown.
Talk of sins and speak of mourning
Tell of souls without a calling
These have not stopped grace from giving
Good to all- both dead and living.

Poems by Gobinda Biswas

Gobinda Biswas Gobinda Biswas(45)a teacher and poet in a English from Hatishala,Dignagar,Krishnanagar,Nadia ,West Bengal,India  has two books of poems  in English named’ The Sunny Poems’ with 86 poems and ‘The Universal Poems’ with 90 poems published from Progressive Publishers ,Kolkata,West … Continue reading