Poems by Gobinda Biswas

Gobinda Biswas

Gobinda Biswas(45)a teacher and poet in a English from Hatishala,Dignagar,Krishnanagar,Nadia ,West Bengal,India  has two books of poems  in English named’ The Sunny Poems’ with 86 poems and ‘The Universal Poems’ with 90 poems published from Progressive Publishers ,Kolkata,West Bengal,India in 2016 and 2017 and his third book of English poems ‘The Eternal Poems’ with100 poems will be published soon. His English poems have been published in many magazines and journals like the journal  Anthology of English Poetry ; Let there be Peace by Dr Deen Dayal .Poet Gobinda Biswas has been awarded with many prestigious literary  awards.


Kill Us not, We are Trees
I am a mother-tree, the melancholic tree,
I am away, really far away,
From the din and bustle,
From the madding crowd,
Of the greedy metropolitan life.
Till to-day you played on my breast,
You know I am your best friend,
From birth I continue to give you oxygen,
Which gives you life, you know,
Sadly enough you forgot your true friend.
I wanted to live in peace with you,
Till now I consider you my friends,
You all with your children so tiny
Are my near and dear ones,
Now I think I was mistaken indeed.
I live here with my own children,
You conspired to annihilate us,
For your fake and adamant civilization,
My children over- heard you and asked me
‘Mother, mother, what are they talking about’?
I assured them with a take promise,
“Don’t get worried” my children, my love,
Nothing will happen to you, O my heart’s joy,”
But they arrived today with triumphant mood
With billhook, axe, hack-saw and spade.
My children closed me and cried hysterically,
Like a human child to its mother,
They cut our hands with bill-hooks,
We clasped each other and cried,’ Save us, save us,’
You cruelly cut our neck, waist, leg and uprooted,
The Golgotha was strewn with blood, skulls and skeletons.
A Child to its Terrorist Parents
O mother, O father, you are my all,
My friend, Philosopher and guide,
I know nothing except you, the two,
No near and dear ones come to me ever,
But always come only the masked men.
I have heard you to talk sometimes that
I was born in a cyclonic night,
In an abandoned and haunted house,
Far away from the Homosapiens,
Like that of an unfortunate puppy.
Uncared, unfed and unfortunate,
I grew physically like the street dog,
Now I am five years of age,
O mother, I don’t like this rootless life,
I like the life of other human children.
I know very little about the world
But I know you are my banyan tree,
The only shelter for me so alone,
I have absolute trust upon you,
I can go everywhere with you.
Since birth I have been wandering like gypsies,
Not knowing the outside world full of light,
With all the children of my age
With their parents like you, always it is smiling
Parents, have you ever pondered over my future?
Today you were whispering with two masked man,
But I was reading the nursery rhymes,
‘Twinkle twinkle little star……’,
Suddenly police came, you blew up yourselves,
‘Where is mother, where is my father’?
Vaccination against Communal Fundamentalism
DPT, MMR, Polio and Hepatitis B are fatal diseases,
They have killed millions of helpless people,
Like the cruel giants and demons in mythology,
But they have been prevented completely,
With the inoculation in due time.
Religious fundamentalism is also a disease,
This has killed since the birth of religions,
Since the birth of so-called gods,
Millions of innocent people,
Who wanted to survive in happiness and peace.
There are so many communities and religions,
‘Have they done any welfare to general people?’
It is a big zero, everybody knows,
They have always tried to subvert the others,
By hook or by crook since prehistoric times.
The fatal diseases have crated epidemics,
They have ruined prosperous towns and villages,
The victims were so poor before them,
Thanks to science for offering the nectar,
The vaccines made our bodies the Chinese Wall.
Homoerectus were evoluted into Homosapiens
But they grew afraid of natural disasters,
So, gods and religions were born in time,
The non-followers were monsters and devils to them,
They have abolished many religions and cultures.
The orthodox have killed millions of people,
In the name of crusades everywhere in all ages,
Now the scientists only can save us,
If they research with heart and soul,
They will succeed to invent the anti communal vaccine.
The vaccines must be applied without fail,
To all the people all over the world,
From the new born babies to the adults,
In the fundamentalists vaccination comps,
The Tears of the prostitutes
O Society, to your eyes it is true,
We are not human beings, we are prostitutes,
To your eyes we are rubbish, the dirty creatures,
The unclean and soiled worms of the hell,
You always avoid us in public for dishonor,
Now, we are detached from you O Society,
But once we were born in the families,
We had parents, who loved us so much,
We had brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts,
We had a happy family each you know.
You the modern people use dumping grounds,
Besides your city to dump the rubbish,
In your daily life, it is a fact,
Your mind too is polluted by lusts,
Gradually it becomes full to the brim with dirts.
You become restless and turn into lunatic,
Your polluted mind hangs heavy upon you,
Heavily burdened with rubbish, you lose self – control,
Then you all come to us, the Ganges to be clean,
You throw the debris into us, your dumps.
Like Hercules we clean the stables of your mind
Like Nilkantha Shiva we drink the poison of you,
Yet we are hated, we are neglected by you,
We can’t lead a normal and peaceful life,
Our children are harassed everywhere by you.
We could lead a happy life in the main stream,
We could lead a normal life with true honour,
Our dreams were nipped in the bud, O Society,
It might be for poverty, war or civil war,
Now we watch the passing ladies and shed tears,
If we could lead a natural and dignified life like them.
The call of the Holy Books
You call us your holy books with respect,
We are the Gita, Tripitak, Bible or Ouran,
We are also the Talmud and Zend Abesta,
We live side by side on your shelves,
Without any kind of hue and cry.
Always we live in peace on your table,
Outwardly there may have some diversities,
But there is a true unity among us,
Like you we may have some flashy things,
But our hearts are always the same.
You have not studied our hearts at all,
Nor you have entered our souls,
It is just like the coconuts the heavenly fruits,
You must work hard to have kernels and water,
So, come to us and know our hearts.
We see your violent activities and our heats bleed
It is so tragic everybody knows,
We ourselves can do nothing in active,
We are just like the book of your constitution,
It is powerless without your true co-operation.
O Followers, follow our souls, not the body
We cannot tolerate the loss or pain,
Of the endangered human beings across the world,
We see the lamentations of the helpless
Children, women and old we cry non-stop
Our throats become suffocated, eyes with heavy tears,
Our hearts get torn, lives are about to expire,
Please, stop these atrocities forever,,
Please, stop bloodshed in our names,
If there is no man, we will not exist.

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