Poems by Tulsi Shrestha 

Poems by Tulsi Shrestha 



Your long hair weaved
on honour of me.
Your eyes glittered
as they captivated 
my image from distance. .
You rushed towards me
to embrace me.
I am waiting for this moment ,
impatiently to arrive .
I hugged you in my grip
Joy of tears floated
from your eyes.
A long passionate kiss
of our mutual lips
helped me to watch
deep ocean of your eyes.
I get drown there
for a while.
I drank all the pain
that you alone , had suffered
during my exile.

No doubt, you are for me
the most beautiful woman
of the world and universe.
I love you to extent of madness.
I burst out with
your compassion and beauty
that dissolved inside my heart.
Indeed, you are part of
my own reflection.
Now,I will never stay
away from you.
You turned out to be
essence of my own life.



My wounded heart, still beats for your love
Tears from my eyes , still flow for your view
These are my griefs , not just simple dews
Have you ever noticed, pain of aching heart ?

I’m still alive with wounded, bleeding heart.
I’m blind to see the mask above your face
You enforced me to lie above grave street.
How can I trust the land beneath my feets .

You inflicted on me as a hunter of death
I’m a wounded bird with broken wings
My own beloved, waiting me to die .
To tear my red flesh ,for her own joy
My heart beats, its last beat for your love.



You cannot bathe your bleeding heart
Without shedding tears from your eyes.
When circumstances and faith hurt
It is wise to release tears from your eyes.

Have a long rest in desolate park
Learn how to console yourself
Veiled melancholy will run away with dark
Your aching heart gets healed itself.

Tears detoxify evil spirits inside you
It is art to avoid discomfort within you
When someone suffers from his beloved
Let him cry to explode his own view.

Tear stabilises the rhythm of heart
It heals your griefs with passionate care.
Each drop of your emotional tears
Transforms into such a precious pearl.