WE SPEAK FOR UNSPEAKABLES / A collaborative poem jointly composed by Nutan Sarawagi and K. Radhakrishnan

Nutan Sarawagi


(A collaborative poem jointly composed by Nutan Sarawagi and K.Radhakrishnan)

This poem is about the rights of animals which are kept in captivity by humans to serve their greed.



Once up on a time in a dense wild wood,
He was the emperor,mighty and good,
His manly looks proclaimed that he was the king,
His charisma inspired poets in his honor to sing.

Millions of female eyes feasted on his majestic beauty,
They all said ” Wow!! he is a real cutie”,

He was the one with courage and immense beauty,
The more we think, the more we are fascinated, a reality,

He is truly called the spirit of the jungle
No one dared in his path to stumble,
He roamed the woods with much authority,
Alas!! his mighty tales are now relegated to posterity.

He had a able minister, the ever agile leopard,
Poached by hunters, his life put to jeopard,
Another king’s adviser is mighty elephant,
Epitome of strength, he is so intelligent.

One day some humans came in a jeep,
They ventured in to the jungle so deep,
Armed with guns, ropes and nets,
For the elephant they dug a pit.

They placed a cage with a sheep as bait,
For the tiger and leopard, they did wait,
The wild animals did fall to their trickery,
The elephant too fell in to the trench slippery.

They were drugged and taken to circus,
To be trained to do tricks and to run in circles,
The emperor of jungle was reduced to a clown,
Oh, how the mean humans have whipped him down!!

Kept chained or confined to cages,
Letting out cruelties that were outrageous,
They forced the animals to entertain the crowd,
Making them to do things inflicting pain and dread.

Routinely beaten to keep them docile,
Punished if they ever dared to get hostile,
Living in filth amid their own faeces,
That is scattered in the cage in bits and pieces.

The tiger has lost an eye and also limping,
The leopard had long forgotten the art of leaping,
Always chained, the elephant had gone mad,
The majestic animals now look sick and sad.



What is the idea of poaching animals
In jungles so free
aren’t we all cannibals
Eating the meat of our own loved ones
Why don’t we treat them as our own beloved ones
Aren’t they part of the same environment
Our Stability Our Eco Environment
Why do we put them in cages
to laugh at them
Humour them
Our toys to play with
passed down the ages
Let them be where they belonged
In a life that they always lived to long
To take them out of their own environ
Let’s leave them alone free as the bird
its skies to roam until they come home



Clap, clap for the cracking of whips,
Against the animal’s stinging wounds, open they rip,
Clap, clap for the flaming hoops,
Giving electric shocks to tiger troops.

Laugh, applaud and join the circus fun,
When the animals languish in misery and depression,
Come and see the torturous training sessions,
Clap at our own moral transgression.

Will you buy tickets to see elephants beaten up?
By barbed hooks to make them stand with two legs up,
Should we be a party to their injuries and plight?
That paralyse them with spinal injuries and ruptured ligaments.

Will you buy tickets to see monkeys tortured?
By electric whips to make them ride a bicycle when they ordered,
Physical and mental stress drives them to insanity,
Using them for entertainment is our unpardonable vanity.

Will you buy tickets to see tigers end up blind?
When they cross fiery hoops and be unkind?
With broken legs, untreated and left to fester,
Circus is not fun for them but a medium of torture.



Take me away they cried , as people laughed away
drowning their cries , applauding away laughing at their life
we are your playthings , they cried
tears streaming away
don’t you love us
why don’t you see us your way
we too have feelings
maybe we cannot talk
to tell you what errs
that you ‘us ‘wrong

In your frolic your children to play
dance to our song
happy that we entertain them
but don’t see “your “wrong

teach them to see us as their world
show them our feelings of love
we are them as innocent to be
don’t take away our love
to sow seeds of hate
in us to be that fear that lives in thee
just let us be
love us for us
not just as you and me
leave us free
don’t mould us in your ways
for we were born free
don’t enslave us
like you do your children
let them play with me
Set ‘you’free



There is nothing like home, we all agree,
This yearning for home is not only for you and me,
Animals too like to roam around free,
This logic why we are blind to see.

Animals are happiest and fittest in their habitat,
For there is nothing better than natural environment,
Why do we punish them with life imprisonment?
Caged life as undue punishment.



He was a bird so free
In mountains he flew beyond the sea
to nest his own where only his kith roamed
no more caged in their territories to own

Disturbing their habitat incest them with our own
Building homes cutting trees
As they flee to safer abodes
gasping to be
Leave us alone
as we intrude
peeping toms to be
they run helter skelter
Hiding themselves from the motor sounds
we encroach on their privacy
as they play together gleefully
undisturbed to the sounds of the birds
on open trees , rustling leaves
ever so friendly they seem to be
unafraid of life fearlessly
they approach us
but we run away
for we disturb their enclosure
invade them in their own home
questioning ourselves
why do we emulate them
WE are the animals not them
they are the sweet beings left by God saying please leave me free
We encroach on their land building homes cutting trees
Deforesting them
then we ask why we flee , scared our we of them
as they lovelingly nest in their homes
we poach them leaving them not yet alone
erode them armed with guns shoot them
displace them in their natural habitat
to encase them
then pretend to love them
are they exhibits for us to see



Let the monkeys swing in trees with glee,
Allow the leopard to climb the tall tree,
Lions and tigers to roar and roam free,
They too need freedom like thee.

Let the lions and leopards growl,
Watch them when they are on prowl,
Let them hunt to quench their hunger,
Keeping them caged is unpardonable blunder

They are animals with affection in abundance,
Displaying it in the form of reassurance and romance,
Like humans, they are seized with anxiety, grief and emotion,
They form close bonds with their herd in their devotion.

It is our mission to protect these magnificent animals,
From poachers who hunt them for their skin valuable,
They invade and destroy their natural forest habitat,
Free them from captivity to help them flourish in their habitat.



Deep in the forest
the sun sets over the horizon
A little bird tweets
Hung in the trees
In forests to nest his own
In a life to see
Where deers run so free
As monkeys jump from trees

Suddenly tyres crunch in defeat break into the silence
The guide motions you to keep quiet , as the sound of the grunting lion comes carried out in the breeze
disturbing his peace as he lazily sleeps
He wonders what makes you come his way
Don’t you have enough already
Why do you shamelessly peak
He doesn’t really care about your presence
Wondering what if he invaded your territory
Would you with the same expression , welcome him into your peace
Disturbed he looks elsewhere for answers
‘’Why o why
did we create you humans
First you wrench us out of our homeland
Then you hound us
Are we your exhibits
Forever on display
Your toy to play
We are tired of you
just go away ‘’
As a child apes him in grunting sounds thrown his way

‘’Wish we could lock you in cages
in territories barred where only you would stay
As we would roam free
on our Mother Earth in which you stroll
stole our life away , debarred by us
don’t you ever again come my way ‘’

As he approaches you
Scared you pull out a knife
to scare him away

But sardonically he looks at you
Unruffled he walks away
For he’s the king of the jungle
You are the thief who took everything away
Uncaring of you he seeks his warmth
In little what you have left him to stay
For he’s the peace of the jungle
you are but it’s uproar
As your tires skid in your excitement
to get a closer glance he looks away
Daring you to come his way
As he lays in your prey
You pray
you become his prey
Stealing your thunder
…he makes his way
in the sunset
…..fading away

…in your guilt
you stealthily
walk away…..

Copyright:- Nutan Sarawagi and K.Radhakrishnan




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