Shtëpia Botuese “ADA” publikon Nr: 208-209 të Revistës Letrare “OBELISK” / Botues: Roland Lushi

Shtëpia Botuese “ADA” publikon Nr: 208-209 të Revistës Letrare “OBELISK”  Periodike letraro-artistike Viti X-të i botimit – Nr.208-209 gusht-shtator 2018 Del në datë 15 të çdo muaji. Rregjistruar në ISSN International Centre 45 rue de Turbigo, 75003 PARIS FRANCE … Continue reading

Poems by Mónika Tóth

Poems by Mónika Tóth
your name
Dedicated my best Romanian friend Vasile
your name is sweet on my lips
your name song in my heart
your name balm in my soul
your name kind and friendly
your name inspire me
your name like a melody unforgettable
Dear friend
of all the names invented
your is the most beautiful.
no title
late night
a mosquito dances
round the night lamp.
Good morning
early morning
birds singing
my heart is full of love
Good morning!
In her eyes
I am restless
in her eyes
I found peace
i am restless
in her eyes
I found hope
I am restless but
in her eyes
I found love.
we dance
we dance under the sky
tonight we are together
yesterday doesn’t matter.
When i am alone
When I am alone
I thinking of you
the birds sing
the flowers start to bloom
my heart is pounding
my soul is pounding
Life is beautiful
I love you so much!
I am lonely
I am lonely
a cup of black tea
helps fill out
the emptiness.
Hope fills the air
In my eyes
Little round tears.
This is life
How can I be happy?
no internet
page not found
no connection
no love
no joy
no smile
I am sad
I am disappointment…
This is life..
How can I be happy?
Your inner beauty
Dedicated my nice Romanian friend Vasile
Your inner beauty
More beautiful than the stars
Dear friend
How precious you are.

Poems by Gigi Mejri

Poems by Gigi Mejri
When my mind goes blank
And deep down my thoughts sink
When the words desert me
And I become so empty
When ideas migrate
And float as they appear
Superficial and shallow !
When the sound ,the profound
Become out of reach
I suspect what I used to trust
Withered ,disarmed facing the drought
Isolated ,disconnected ,discarded
Is the knot untied ??
Or the Goal disallowed ??
Or was I offside ??
Gigi Mejri June 17th 2018
Mother Country has the blues
Democracy in my country
Is a new-born baby !
Mother country has the blue feeling
So,no breast -feeding !
To help the baby survive and why not thrive
We thought to import milk
For the baby to drink
Milk from Germany causes allergy
Milk from Greece causes disease
Milk from Spain drains the brain
Milk from South Korea causes diarrhea
Milk from Norway causes hepatitis A
Milk from Paris causes tetanus
Milk from South Africa,the country of Mandella
Causes chicken pox or varicella
From fear that the baby could die
The wise of my country held an urgent meeting
At the constituency and agreed on the following:
No need for an imported theory
Our democracy is not like your democracy
We,Tunisians have our own recipe
Unto you your DEMOCRACY
And unto us our BUREAUCRACY!
Gigi mejri May 15th 2015


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OPEN WOUND ( الجرح النازف) – Asoke Kumar Mitra / Translated into arabic  and edited by Hana Shishiny

Poem by  Asoke Kumar Mitra    OPEN WOUND الجرح النازف على الشاطئ اثار أقدامك هنا …طيور النورس تمارس الحب بين أمواج بحر..هادر على الرمال خيالات قمر يذوى كالجرح العار.. لا يلتئم يتمسك بجنون وهمي بلحظات كالخيال لالهة من طين… البحرالهائج ..والامواج … Continue reading