Poems by Gigi Mejri

Poems by Gigi Mejri
When my mind goes blank
And deep down my thoughts sink
When the words desert me
And I become so empty
When ideas migrate
And float as they appear
Superficial and shallow !
When the sound ,the profound
Become out of reach
I suspect what I used to trust
Withered ,disarmed facing the drought
Isolated ,disconnected ,discarded
Is the knot untied ??
Or the Goal disallowed ??
Or was I offside ??
Gigi Mejri June 17th 2018
Mother Country has the blues
Democracy in my country
Is a new-born baby !
Mother country has the blue feeling
So,no breast -feeding !
To help the baby survive and why not thrive
We thought to import milk
For the baby to drink
Milk from Germany causes allergy
Milk from Greece causes disease
Milk from Spain drains the brain
Milk from South Korea causes diarrhea
Milk from Norway causes hepatitis A
Milk from Paris causes tetanus
Milk from South Africa,the country of Mandella
Causes chicken pox or varicella
From fear that the baby could die
The wise of my country held an urgent meeting
At the constituency and agreed on the following:
No need for an imported theory
Our democracy is not like your democracy
We,Tunisians have our own recipe
Unto you your DEMOCRACY
And unto us our BUREAUCRACY!
Gigi mejri May 15th 2015

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